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11 Benefits Of Wearing Ruby Stone (Yaqoot Stone)

By: Pinki Sun, 12 May 2019 8:17 PM

11 Benefits of Wearing Ruby Stone (Yaqoot Stone)

The everlasting beauty and color of ruby gemstone makes it one of the most precious stones on the earth. Due to its fiery and captivating aura, ruby represents nobility and magnificence in all its facets. Most of the ancient cultures believed in the virtues and values of ruby. It has been revered throughout the human history for ruby stone benefits that invoke passion, prosperity, and protection.

As per Vedic astrology, ruby gemstone represents the planet of Sun. It has a glowing hue with an inextinguishable flame. It can shine through any element due to its beauty. The metaphysical properties of ruby are unsurpassed and astounding. This exquisite stone offers the best astrological benefits that you seek in the mineral kingdom.

Here are the top benefits of wearing ruby stone

* Recharges the Energy Levels

With its radiant power and intensity, ruby stone promotes energy in life. This stone not only increases the concentration but also invokes the sharpness of intellect in its wearers. It helps you to recognize your own strengths and creative instincts. By invoking the energy and enthusiasm, it clears the visualization of its wearer.Ruby stone energizes and revitalizes the system thereby offering a charismatic personality.

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* Sharpens the Mind

Due to its intense energy, ruby sharpens the intellect and clears the mind. This, in turn, brings a heightened sense of awareness and infallible focus. Those who wear this wonderful stone carry a courageous attitude. They have an ability to maintain their integrity in the midst of controversies and adversaries.This stone supports a person to achieve name and popularity in life.

* Improves Financial Status

Ruby stone benefits its wearers by improving their financial status as well. It not only enhances the monetary possessions but also helps to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. It is considered a mark of royalty and authority. You can attain an imperial status by wearing this stunning gemstone.

* Enhances the Confidence

Ruby symbolizes the strong planet of Sun. It eliminates weakness from the life and improves the level of confidence in a person. If you have knowledge but you can’t express the same, you can benefit largely by wearing a ruby pendant or ring.People who are ignored despite their better judgment and intelligence can overcome their situations with an elevated confidence. As per Vedic astrologers, you can gain support from authoritative figures in every field by choosing the right type of ruby or yaqoot stone online. In fact, this stone garners and promotes leadership qualities in its possessors.

* Reduces the Fear

The vibrancy of ruby gemstone also makes it a strong protector. It helps to reduce the fear of evil. Ruby protects from paranormal activities and banishes the nightmares. It helps you to eliminate psychological and psychic fears from your life. This wonderful gemstone works as a shield to protect your home from intruders and fire. If you carry it discreetly, you can stay safe during the dark hours as well.

* Provides Health Benefits

As a stone with blood red color, ruby strengthens the heart and stimulates the good blood circulation. It helps to treat the diseases and disorders related to the heart. This gemstone is beneficial for reproductive organs and it helps to reduce infertility.It proves to be helpful during pregnancy in the older ages. Another important health benefit of natural ruby stone is to detoxify the blood and lymph. The stone cures infections and fevers. It can also stimulate adrenals and aid proper circulation of energy in the body.You can wear ruby gemstone for weight reduction as well, especially when suffering from emotional eating habits.

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* Encourages Positivity of Mind

By sharing of love, ruby helps to move past the unpleasant circumstances. It gives you strength to change your anguish and distress into eternal happiness. Ruby gemstone encourages a positive frame of mind. If you have protective aspects, this gemstone will bring them to the forth. It also sustains the people with sensitive nature. If a person has distorted views, this gemstone can help in overcoming such negativities. It also aids in overcoming the fear of being neglected. As a powerful stone, it not only develops a positive attitude for oneself but also builds good camaraderie among people.

* Invokes the Base Chakra

The base chakra lies at the base of the spine. Also called root chakra, it helps in controlling the kinesthetic movement in the body.It works at the foundation of spiritual and physical energies in the body. As a result, you have a strengthened ability to manifest your desires and activate the kundalini energies in your body. When base chakra is balanced, your body gets its stamina and strength. Similarly, Ruby rekindles the spiritual energy within a person’s own powers.

* Fights Depression

The impact of ruby can be surprising when it comes to fighting the depression. This gemstone strengthens a person to stand against stress and anxiety. It has powerful energy emanating from its core. As a result, it affects the personality of the wearer in several ways. You will not only find an improvement in your psychic energies but also get a charming personality.

* Improves Communication

Many astrologers recommend ruby gemstone for an improved communication. This stone helps to overcome the barriers to interactions. It also spreads positive thinking to provoke love and harmony in your relationships. These are some top benefits of wearing ruby gemstone. But to avail of these benefits, you need to possess the right type of stones. When buying ruby gemstone ring online, there are certain factors that you can’t ignore.

* How to Find the Best Quality Ruby Stone?

Finding the genuine and natural ruby stone is a tricky and overwhelming process. But you needn’t be a gemstone expert to find the stone that suits you well. All you haveto do is visit a trustworthy online shop where you can find authentic stones with free lab certificates and easy return policies. Also, consider the factors like color, clarity, cut, and weight in carat of the stone. You can take help from expert astrologers to determine the right mix of properties desirable in a stone. Remember, Burma ruby stone price is the highest since the best quality rubies are mined in Myanmar.

So, keep these points in mind when looking to buy ruby stone for its immense benefits and properties.

- By Navcharan Singh (GemPundit)

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