5 Feng Shui Tips To Attract Love

By: Pinki Mon, 11 June 2018 11:37 AM

5 Feng Shui Tips To Attract Love

Love is complicated and confusing. The feng shui love tips found around the web is no different.

I’ve seen ones that suggest you do rituals, like writing something on a piece of paper and keeping it somewhere for 49 days. I’ve also seen ones that asks you turn on your bedroom lights a certain way every night for several consecutive nights.

* Get a Good Solid Headboard

A good solid headboard is important for your sleep quality because it gives you a subtle sense of security. Scientific studies have concluded poor sleep quality can be detrimental to your mental and physical health, including a depleted sex drive. So it’s not just the headboard, any bedroom feng shui that helps improve sleep is a necessary foundation for improved romance in the bedroom.

* Freshen Up Your Bedsheets and Linens

Some feng shui experts say that new bedsheets and linens can help freshen up your romantic relationship. Others tell you to use colors such as white, bright green, or pink to heat up your relationship and avoid red because it could burn up your relationship. Though I’ve never tried these, I personally think that the effects of colors on feng shui are limited, and these tips can only bring short-term results.

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* Place Your Bed Properly

In addition to not sleeping with your head under a window and other feng shui taboos, you should avoid placing your bed in a corner because you or your partner may feel trapped. In other words, this means that both sides of the bed should be easily accessible where you or your partner doesn’t have to climb over another body to get on and off the bed. Place your bed properly to prevent one person from getting the less desirable position. This way, getting out of bed will be less disruptive and conflicts regarding sleep can be completely avoided.

* Remove Extra Pillows or Stuffed Animals

Though this is not exactly a feng shui tip, some consultants have included this as part of their feng shui advice. If your bed is filled with pillows or stuffed animals, it sends the message that you have no room for anyone else to join you.

* Colorize Your Walls and Window Treatments

The colors of bedroom walls and window treatments should complement each other to create a balanced flow of love and sexual energy. If possible, use a splash of pink because it represents love, joy, happiness, and romance. Similar to what I stated earlier, I personally think that the results of just using colors is short-lived.

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