5 Vastu Tips To Bring Happiness In House

By: Pinki Fri, 05 June 2020 8:54 PM

5 Vastu Tips To Bring Happiness in House

Planning to decorate your home? This time make sure you add décor items that enhance the Vastu of your home. According to the ancient study of architecture Vastu, there are home décor items that can help you improve your finances and bring home wealth and prosperity and there could be no better occasion than Diwali to commence this new journey.

To help you improve Vastu for home and improve your holistic well-being, we share some Vastu tips for attaining financial stability and prosperity.

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* It is believed that the entrance of your home, when designed as per Vastu way, can bring happiness and prosperity. The north or east direction is considered ideal for an entrance gate. Using teak wood for entrance door is a plus.

For a positive environment, ensure that the entrance is clutter-free and has ample space to move. Do not leave footwear around the main door of the house, as this is known to block the flow of positive energy.

* Sleeping in a room with pungent smell adversely affects your peace and prosperity. To avoid this, leave the bedroom windows open for at least 20 minutes every day and allow fresh air to flow in. Proper ventilation and adequate natural lighting bring in positive energy into the house and, with it, the flow of money.

On sleeping direction as per Vastu, placing your head in the south is believed to bring wealth.

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* A Buddha statue symbolises peace and harmony along with giving an exotic touch to your decor. Place it in the drawing room, kitchen or garden. You could install life-size pieces if you are looking for an aesthetic appeal in a large space. Moreover, the larger the statue, the more positive energy it will attract.

* Vastu paintings are known to bring good luck. Pick from a painting of a waterfall, a goldfish or a flowing river. These paintings bring in wealth. For those looking for overseas career opportunities place painting of foreign currency, flying birds, racing bikes and cars.

* Windchimes are known to bring money into your home. Hanging windchimes at the entrance of your home welcomes wealth while hanging them at the bathroom entrance prevents wealth from draining out. Avoid hanging windchimes over your head or where you sleep. This will bring negativity in your life.

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