5 Vastu Tips To Consider For Factory

By: Sandeep Mon, 12 Mar 2018 09:47 AM

5 Vastu Tips to Consider For Factory

In many areas factory may be called as Mill, Kharkana, Industry, Small-scale Industry, Plant, Manufacturing shed, Workshop etc. Irrespective of the size of the factory, manufacturing plant, or any manufacturing entity applying vastu shastra principles in the construction of the same is hugely helpful in avoiding problems with administration, financial stringency, labor problems and the like. To reduce headaches, its advisable that one may construct the property with vastu principles, if the property may be built with vastu rules then it may protect owner.

* One of the often neglected detail in the factories is placement of doors for movement of men and material. It is important to know that movement of men and material produces tremendous energy – good if the doors are in exalted position and bad if they are in debilitating positions.

* A shop feed one person, a big shop feeds few persons. But a factory supports large number of families. The main purpose of a factory is getting profits through production and marketing. So the owner of the factory must look into not only self but many lives also. Normally, factory will have heavy things, materials of raw as well as finished goods, apart from machinery and stocks. These heavy material must be placed only either at west / southwest / south. These are to be placed at zenith places for the stocks, materials, readied items, iron things, finished goods also.

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* Compound wall / guestroom are also important aspects to be look into with regards to vaastu. The point of putting front door having greater importance and that has to be at zenith place. Last but not least is that mere knowing only certain things like cooking at Agneya (Southeast), sump at Ishan are not serve the purpose, yet so many aspects, dimensions that are to be observed before construction and for which an experienced vaastu consultant is badly required. With his directions one should construct a factory and come up in life and make others to come up.

* Normally factories or manufacturing units face severe problems, which are to be dealt with care and caution. Fundamentally the basic reason behind the problems like labour problems, tax problems, market competition, ongoing trends frequent changes of passions and above all government policies etc, are to be recognized. one can tackle the problems with managerial efficiency but one can even avoid to face by following proper vaasthu in construction of factory or manufacturing unit.

* At times it is also come across that stock disposal becomes a big task and hard nut to crack. If we consult an experienced vaastu consultant, he will show the way to overcome all the problems in an easy manner. Vastu Shastra for factory, industry, factories, industries should be carefully observed, one should not take hasty decision without proper observation before buying a site for constructing a factory or small scale industry. A simple vastu tip may change the benevolent of the place.

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