5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Good Health

By: Pinki Mon, 25 May 2020 3:26 PM

5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Good Health

It is often said health is the greatest of wealth one can hope for in life. While dealing on good principles of constructions to ensure prosperity and happiness in families, Vastu Shastra also lays down certain guidelines for the inhabitants of houses to ensure good health of the body and mind.In fact, prolonged illnesses of some family member could be due to some setbacks in the homes which could be diagnosed through professional help and cured for good. Implementing some simple Vastu tips in homes can ensure the health and happiness of the family members.

* To enhance the overall health, it must be made a daily practice to sleep with the head placed towards the south direction. Those people with Vatha and Khapha body constitutions must sleep on the left side and those with Pittha constitution need to sleep on their right side. Ensure that the staircase of the house is never at the centre of the house which shall give way to several health issues. Therefore, position it in a corner only.

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* The centre portion of the home is called Brahmasthana which needs to be kept empty. Never place heavy furniture in the centre and leave this portion empty. Overhead beams running right through the centre of houses can lead to distressed and disturbed minds.

* Never plan any concrete built in structures in the centre of the house. The Brahmasthan must also be free of any pillars, beams and other heavy things. As far as possible, keep this position empty. It is always a good idea to place a crystal grid or pyramid charged with Reiki in the Brahmasthan of the house so that it can energise the house.

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* The imbalance of fire element in home can cause sickness of family members. Some of the ways in which this can happen includes the following. House facing the south with sloping towards this direction, the generator room open towards the northeast direction and the underground water tank positioned in the southeast side are some instances where the fire element is not balanced.

* Under such situation, ensure that the gate found along the south wall is kept shut as much time as possible, make the gate in wood and position it high enough so that the road lying outside is not visibly seen. To ensure good health, arrange to light a lamp in the southeast direction inside your home.

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