5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Good Health

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5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Good Health

Everyone wants a happy, healthy and a wealthy home with all material comforts as well as peace of mind. Use the below 21 Vastu tips in your home to attract wealth. ‘Health is wealth’ is one of the most common things one gets to hear. If you are eating junk food or staying up late or working long hours, this is a common phrase thrown at you. However, it is true, without good health, everything is redundant. Our health also depends on the environment we live in or the atmosphere at our home or workplace. If there is tension, animosity, or some unseen issue, Vastu Shastra can help resolve these problems.

* Right Sleeping position

When sleeping on the bed, ensure you sleep with your head towards the south. Sleeping on the left side is recommended for people who have Vata and Kapha constitutions and for those who have pita, they should sleep on the right side.

* Staircases also affect your health

Staircases are integral part of our homes but believe it or not, staircases can affect your health. There should be no staircase in the center of the house as it can lead to major health issues. If there is a requirement for a staircase, it should be installed in the corner.

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* Let the energy flow freely

The centre of the house should be empty or devoid of any heavy furniture. This is because the centre of the home is the Brahmasthan. And it should be kept empty for free flow of energy in house. Furniture obstructs the flow of energy and stagnation of energy can bring bad health to the people living in house.

* Reiki crystals in house

Reiki crystals can be kept in the Brahmasthan as it keeps the house energized with positive energy. Reiki can enhance and strengthen positive energy in house. It is a good idea to keep Reiki crystals in house.Install a Reiki charged crystal grid in the Brahmasthan, to keep the whole house energized.

* Be mindful of overhead beams

Overhead beams are used predominantly in houses during construction. But be careful that overhead beams should not run through the centre of the house. Overhead beams can cause a disturbed mind, because they block the positive communication with your mind.

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