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5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Water Tank At Home

By: Pinki Thu, 19 Mar 2020 11:04 PM

5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Water Tank at Home

Water tank vastu ensures that water tanks in your home are as per vastu shastra and aren’t bringing-in ill effects to the residents. Water tanks have different effects and behave differently when located at different places.The effect or ill-effect of water tanks depends upon where it’s located with respect to the house.

Hence it’s important to locate them as per vastu shastra and water tank vastu helps us achieve just that. Water tank systems are a great extension to architecture and have been helping people accumulate water for drinking, irrigation, livestock and many other purposes. From ancient times, water is considered a blessing that ensures abundance in health and fills life with joy, comfort and pleasure. Vastu Shastra explains the importance of placing the overhead tank in the right place to keep the flow of water in the house healthy and peacefully. If the overhead tank is placed according to the tips given by Vastu Shastra, it increases luck, harmony, prosperity, and makes life abundant.

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Position for the Tank

Vastu Shastra explains the right position for an overhead tank is in the west or south-west side of the building. It is advisable to avoid north-east corner as it has to be the lightest part of the house, thus keeping the tank in this direction creates an imbalance between the energies. Even south-east and northeast corner, as the basic rules state that the building must be high and tall enough and the appropriate direction for that is south.

Distance from the Ground

It is always advisable to place the tank at least two feet above the floor as it enables the pressure of water flow in a better manner. The tank must not be direct in touch with the roof slab as it can cause dampness in the building thus destroying walls and other floors beneath the roof.

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Light Coloured Lining Tanks

Vastu Shastra states that it is always beneficial to use light coloured tanks with horizontal lines. The reason behind this rule is that it prevents fungus and makes it easier to identify any problem, leakage or fungus and prevent it from damage.

Avoid plastic tanks

During early decades, people used to get the tanks build on the top of the building using cement and bricks. Many of the people have seen different shapes and coloured tanks built on the top of the house. But, now people are moving towards plastic tanks which are highly unadvisable. Vastu Shastra explains the importance of concrete tanks; it keeps the foundation solid and water pure whereas plastic is a hazardous substance which attracts diseases and health issues.

Placement for Solar Geyser

If a person plans to install a solar geyser, the best place to place it is above the overhead tank to make sure water flows properly.

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