5 Vastu Tips To Get Success In Your Career

By: Pinki Thu, 07 Nov 2019 2:42 PM

5 Vastu Tips To Get Success in Your Career

From being a child to old age, a person goes through many stages of life. Each stage of life has different responsibilities, wishes, desires, hopes and duties. For the transformation in the child, schools, colleges, education, career, etc. everything plays a vital role. When a person enters into the adulthood, making career becomes the only priority in life. Becoming independent, earning money and lead a well-settled, healthy, wealthy and desirable life is what everybody dreams. Here are some useful vastu tips to help you boost your career.

* When it comes to career and working, support is important. In the office or workplace, Vastu Suggests to have a wall at the back for support and if possible then hanging a poster or painting of mountains is considered good. Wall and poster of mountains signify support and strengthens it with time.

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* It is very important to generate fresh ideas and sell them for better earning. Vastu advises keeping the area open and wide in front of the desk to allow new and fresh ideas to come up in mind.

* Conference rooms are meant to be those rooms in the organisation where deep and thoughtful discussions take place. Important discussions, future plans, new strategies which are to be discussed with clients and top managers before disclosing needs to be done in a quiet place that is why Vastu Shastra advises constructing conference rooms in the south-west corner. The south-west corner is the farthest from the entrance which means less chaos and better discussion leading to higher profits and success.

vastu tips for career,tips to boost career,astrology tips

* Every workplace needs some furniture, equipments and certain items for easy and smooth working. According to Vastu Shastra, having wooden furniture in square or rectangular shape is the best. If the work area is situated in the west corner, then you can use a glass top for the table but avoid broken furniture in the room. Also, for the chairs, using high-back chairs is the best as they are more supportive, comfortable and good for the backbone.

* Everybody has own ways to sit but sometimes sitting in a wrong manner can be a reason behind the loss. Vastu suggests east or north while doing business as East and north side is considered auspicious for monetary gains. You can also keep plants in the south-east corner of the room as they signify support and monetary growth. Also, make sure the lamp is placed in the south-east corner of the table to attract money and better opportunities.

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