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5 Vastu Tips You Can Keep In Mind For House Garden

By: Pinki Mon, 20 May 2019 3:23 PM

5 Vastu Tips You Can Keep in Mind For House Garden

A well develop landscape lures our guests in most effective way thereby keeping the mood fresh and healthy. Landscaping is not only necessary for occupants to get healthy and clean ambience but lush green plants and trees livens the area. Greenery around the mansion instills few clean breathe every time we take a round around it which also renders relax and restores peace within us.

A Vastu directed garden can bring better results if every thing is set & placed accordingly with Vastu norms including plants, trees and water fountain. Vastu can be followed to energize the surrounding with immensely healthy plants for the betterment of occupants and peace.

* Following a general in Vastu, garden should be made in East or North portion of mansion while South-east and South-west should be neglected for any kind of plantation.

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* A water fountain can be constructed in the East or North siding the exact North-east and North-west.

* Do not keep plants taller than three feet in home garden area.

* Swings should be placed in East or North direction.

* Do not plant huge trees or plants in the middle of the garden.

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