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Goverdhan Puja- Importance, Method And Story

By: Pinki Fri, 13 Oct 2017 1:14 PM

Goverdhan Puja- Importance, Method and Story

Govardhan Pooja

Prostration of the Shukla Paksha of the Govardhan Puja Kartik month is celebrated. Govardhan Pujaan, Gyan Pujaan, Annikoot Poojan, Margapali and Bali Poojan are also included in this worship that occurs next Diwali. The worship of cows is very special in Govardhan Pooja, because the cow is considered as the form of Goddess Lakshmi. As Goddess Laxmi provides happiness, so does Gaau Mata also keep our health better with her milk money. This festival is celebrated only for the reverence of cow to mother goddess.

Importance of Govardhan Puja:

People of village celebrate this festival with great passion. The people of the village give their thanks to the climate and natural resources through this worship. They have this feeling that due to this worship, all natural resources are available in the human race.

On this day people bath their animals (cows and bulls) for their worship, wash their feet, worship them with flowers, garlands, sun and sandalwood etc. Also on this day, dessert is also sung for Gayo and his aarti is removed. Also on this day, the statue of Shri Krishna is also installed between the dishes. It is believed that cow's milk, curd, milk, ghee, butter and butter made of milk, even the cow's mother urine is also beneficial for mankind. That is why Cow Mata is considered to be equivalent to the River Ganges and they are worshiped.

This festival foresees that our life depends on the process, such as tree plants, animal birds, rivers and mountains etc. The most important significance in the balance of the climate lies in the mountains and rivers, so the festival also expresses our sense of all these natural wealth possessions.

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Govardhan worship method:

On this day in the morning, at the door of the house or in the courtyard, cow's dung and the pure soil of the farm are worshiped by making Govardhan mountain, and on this day God is offered various types of dish, rangoli and cooked rice. It is called Chappan Bhogh. These mountains are offered a lot of 56 sacrifices.

Method :

For this, take a bath in the morning and make fresh dish in the kitchen of the house.

Now you make a statue from the dung of Lord Govardhan in the courtyard of the house and in the farm.

· All things related to farm, climate and natural resources are included in worship for this worship.

· After this, the worship is started and the queen is offered.

· After that the aarti of Lord Shri Krishna is performed and all friends are distributed to Prasad among neighborhoods and family members.

· After that, the whole family takes a meal sitting together.

Story of Govardhan Mountain Pooja:

There is also a legend behind Govardhan Puja, according to which Lord Shri Krishna had made several leelas from his childhood and living in Gokul from Gwalior. In many of his leelaas he saved many people, then broke the pride of many people. One of these is related to Leela Indra Dev.

According to the story, all the villagers in Gokul worshiped Indra Dev for a good harvest, good climate. The villagers used to dance and sing together every year for their worship and worshiped. In his childhood, Shri Krishna asked his father Nand Baba why and why do they worship this pooja? Then his father told him that all this is done to greet Indra Dev, because he gave us such climate and natural resources for our cultivation and for our livelihood. But Krishna ji believed that he should greet the Govardhan mountain for his climate, not Indra Dev's. Everyone liked Balkrishna and all started abandoning Indra's worship and worshiping the Govardhan mountain. From this, Indra Dev ji got angry and he treated this behavior of the citizen as an insult. As a punishment, he brought a storm in the village and caused a storm all around. It was sad to be mourned by all the villages. The situation became such that everyone's life was in danger. In this way, Bal Krishna provided protection to the Govardhan Mountain on his small finger and the villagers, all the villagers stayed in the shelter of Govardhan Mountain for seven days. After this he also fought with Indra Dev, in which Indra Dev's pride was broken. They realized that the climate they considered themselves to be great was their duty. They also realized that their pride is wrong. From that day onwards, the worship of Govardhan is worshiped from Deepawali the next day.

Govardhan is considered to be the King of Mountains, today its natural beauty and its beauty have diminished, but its significance is still the same as it is today. It is said that a person who is miserable on the day of Govardhan Puja remains unhappy every year, so every person should celebrate this festival with joy and full devotion. By worshiping Govardhan, the person gets longevity and health life, as well as removes sadness and poverty from the person's life. On this day worshiping a pure house brings satisfaction and happiness to the person and in his life there is happiness and prosperity.

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