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Makar Sankranti 2019- 5 Astrology Tips To Do On This Day

By: Pinki Tue, 08 Jan 2019 1:13 PM

Makar Sankranti 2019- 5 Astrology Tips to Do On This Day

Makar means Tropic of Capricorn and Sankranti means movement. This day marks the transition of the Sun into the Makara Rashi (Capricorn). It also signifies the arrival of Spring in India. This festival is celebrated by different names in different cities such as Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Bihu in Assam, Maghi in Punjab and Sankranti in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is a day to forget past tiffs and start afresh. If mythology is to be believed, it is said that Lord Sun went to meet his son, Lord Shani on this day to resolve their past issues.

* Chant this Mantra

Chant ऊँ घृणि सूर्याय नम:

This will rid you of all the troubles that you might face from the sun.

* Surya Namaskar

Start your day by offering holy water and cow’s milk to the sun god in a copper utensil. Adding red color flowers to the water will be more auspicious. Addressing the sun in this manner will take away all your tensions and open the doors of destiny.

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* Donate

It is a ritual to donate on this day. According to the scriptures the donations on this day are known to come back by a hundredfold. If you want the luck to be with you on this then donate blankets, warm clothing, butter, cereals - rice porridge etc.

* Offer to the water

Pour jaggery and raw rice into the water. To please the sun god, eat cooked rice mixed rice with milk and jaggery. Sun god will be pleased and shower blessings on you.

* Pray to the Sun god

After taking a bath early in the morning, face east and put up a statue or a picture of the sun god in front of you. Offer red flowers and chant the following mantra at least 5 times.

ऊँ भास्कराय नम:

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