Mantra From Ravana Code To Become Rich

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Mantra From Ravana Code to Become Rich

In Indian stories, Ravana is said to be a learned scholar and knowledge of all scriptures. Ravana had composed many books on subjects like astrology, tantra and mantra. There is a Ravan code in them. Many secrets of knowing the future through astrology and tantra shastra have been reported in the Ravana Code. In this book, the miraculous Tantric remedies that change the great misfortune to good fortune also have been described. The effect of these measures immediately happens and the fate of that man changes overnight.

# To subdue and rule over everyone

Dry the flowers of white figures in the shade. After this, add Kapila cow that is white cow milk and grind it and put it on the tilak. On doing so, the person is dominated by society.

# For captivating

According to the scriptures, the trunk grass is miraculous. It is also used in a variety of measures. If a person grind white durva with a cup of cowilla cow i.e. white cow's milk and put it on the tilak, then it does not fail in any work.If you want to attract people in the home or society or office, then the levy and Bijoura lemon Take it and mix it in goat's milk and grind it. After this, make the tilak from it. On doing this, the attraction of the person increases. Mix the seeds of goat in the goat milk and grind it, make the paste. By applying this coating, attraction of the person increases significantly in the society. All people believe in what they say

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# To get wrought corpus

If you feel that money is culled at some place and you want to get that money, then take this step. The method is to look for the lost wealth. Count the thousands of chanting chants given here in auspicious day. After the mantra is achieved, take the almanac of the syringe tree in equal quantity and cook it in mustard oil, in the place where the money is stored, take the seed of Dhature, halahal, white hanger, sulfur, manzil, owl's feces. After this, keep the sun-lamps in place where there is a doubt of money lying in this material. On doing so, all kinds of negative forces will be removed from that place. The fear of ghosts will end. The seeker will begin to see the money lying in the ground. Keep in mind that you should consult a specialist astrologer while carrying out technical measures, otherwise there may be a loss. The mantra is as follows-

ऊँ नमो विघ्नविनाशाय निधि दर्शन कुरु कुरु स्वाहा।

# To get instant money

If a person is experiencing frequent interruptions in getting money, then he should take this measure. This measure should be done for 40 days. It can be done at home only. According to the measure, chanting the money received mantra 108 times per day. After chanting this mantra regularly, the grace of Mahalakshmi will be received in a few days and the obstacles coming to your wealth will start getting away. Mantra is as follows -

क्रां क्लीं, श्रीं श्रीं मम धनं देहि फट् स्वाहा।

# To get the property of Kuber

the Treasurer of the Gods, if you want God's treasurer Kuber's extraordinary wealth wealth, please take action. According to the measure, you should chant the mantra given here for three months. Chanting the mantra only 108 times. While chanting mantra keep Dhanalakshmi in front of you. When it is three months, keep it in your locker or where you keep the money. With this measure you will not be short of money all the time in life. The mantra is as follows -

ऊँ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवाणाय, धन धन्याधिपतये धन धान्य समृद्धि मे देहि दापय स्वाहा।

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