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Navratri 2019- 5 Fasting Rules For Navratri

By: Ankur Thu, 04 Apr 2019 4:09 PM

Navratri 2019- 5 Fasting Rules For Navratri

Navratri is a Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Durga and her 9 avatars. There are actually four navratris in an year, but only two of them: Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri are celebrated widely across the country. Chaitra Navratri is celebrated in the Hindu month of Chaitra that falls at cusp of spring and summer (usually around March and April), while Sharad navratri is celebrated with full fervor in autumn around the months of October-November.

* Flours and Grains

You cannot consume grains like wheat and rice during these fasts but there are alternatives like Kuttu ka Atta (buckwheat flour) or Singhare ka Atta (water chestnut flour) that can be consumed. You can even have Rajgira ka Atta (amaranth flour). Instead of rice, you can have Samai Ke Chawal or Samvat Ke Chwaal (barnyard millet) that can be used to make khichdi, dhoklas or kheer. Another star ingredient that you'll find in most kitchen during Navratris isSabudana. It is often use to prepare papads, kheer or vadas.

* Fruits

You can consume all fruits and dry fruits during these fasts. This is the best time to enjoy all the seasonal fruits like mangoes, watermelon, musk melon and apples. You can make a quick Fruit Chaat or have them with a bowl of yogurt. Some devotees fast only fruits and milk for all these nine days.

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* Spices and Herbs

If you are observing the Navratri fasts, you need to refrain from using the normal table salt and use an alternative rock salt or Sendha Namak. Sendha namak is a highly crystalline salt which is made by evaporating sea water and does not contain high amounts of sodium chloride (unlike table salt).In Ayurveda, rock salt is considered as the superior salt as it is pure and not subjected to processing.

* Vegetables

Those who are observing the fasts and also members of the family who are not turn to a vegetarian diet for these nine days. Some vegetables are given more preference while fasting like potatoes, sweet potato, arbi, kachalu, suran or yam, lemons, raw or semi-ripe pumpkin and raw pumpkin.Spinach, tomatoes, bottle gourd, cucumber and carrots can also be consumed.

* Milk Products

You can consume milk and dairy products during fasting like curd (which is also highly recommended as it keeps you cool and your gut healthy), paneer or cottage cheese, white butter, ghee, malai, and preparations with milk and khoya. People tend to make cottage cheese at home to in order to maintain purity. Buttermilk and Lassi are great drinks to keep you hydrated through the day.

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