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Offering Broom To This Lord Shiva Statue Helps To Get Rid Of All Skin Problems

By: Pinki Tue, 13 Feb 2018 1:24 PM

Offering Broom to This Lord Shiva Statue Helps to Get Rid of All Skin Problems

Where is this shivaling

An ancient temple of Bholenath in the village Sadadbadi on Moradabad and Agra highway which is famous with the name of the Pataleshwar Temple. It is belived, offering broom to shivling helps curing all skin problems. This temple is very ancient and this tradition has also been running for centuries.

Folk tales behind offering Broom

There was a rich trader named Bhikhari Das in this village. Once he became infected with skin disease. Neem Hakim Vaid also could not free him from this disease.

One day he was passing through some way and he was thirsty. A devotee of a devotee of Shiva was nearby. Bhikhari Das reached the Ashram and said to give water to the saint. Saint was cleaning the Ashram with a broom at that time. When cleaning, his broom touched the dealer. There was a wave in the businessman's body and his skin diseases were cured. The traders, after seeing this miracle, fell at the feet of the saint and started talking about towel wealth.

The saint explained to him that this is the grace of all naive Baba and he is just his servant. If you want to do something then just build a Shiva temple in this Ashram. According to the order, the trader built Shiva temple there and news of the recovery of the trader spread to the village and then the villagers started plucking a broom on Shivling. A story behind this miracle is told that in the village there was a businessman named Bhikhari Das, who was the wealthiest person in the village and he was suffering from skin disease. He had dark spots on his body, which caused him pain. One day he was going to get treatment from a nearby Vaidya in the nearby village that he was thirsty for a long time. Then she had seen an ashram. As soon as Bhikhari Das went to the ashram to drink water, the mahant's brush cleaning the ashram touched the body of his body. Within a moment of touching the broom, the pain of Bhikari Das has been cured. When Bhikhari Das asked about a miracle from Mahant, he said that he is a strong devotee of Lord Shiva. This miracle happened due to them. Bhikhari Das told Mahant that instead of recovering him, accept a bag full of gold ashwaris. But Mahant, refusing to take Ashhra, said that if he wants to return something, he should make a Shiva temple instead of the ashram. After some time, Bhikhari Das built Shiva Temple there. It was gradually recognized that seeing a shrub in this temple gives liberation from diseases of the skin.

Today, there are thousands of such people who are suffering from skin diseases and the people around them also tell that after most people come here and offer a broom, there is also freedom from this disease. But the glory of Lord Shiva is unimaginable, so here people bring their own and all sorrow apart from skin diseases. In this wondrous Shivling millions of people come in a year and get rid of their sorrows.

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