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Peacock Feather Bring Prosperity And Money, Try These Tricks

By: Pinki Tue, 14 Nov 2017 4:12 PM

Peacock Feather Bring Prosperity and Money, Try These Tricks

In astrology, the peacock is believed to be representative of all nine planets. In particular, there are some such tips for the peacock, which are done in any auspicious time and get rid of all the problems immediately.

* To get the immovable property and to complete the paused work, if your work is stuck or there is a desire for wealth in your mind, then set up peacock feathers in the temple of Sradhadhakrishna. Worship that statue every day. Put that peacock on the 40th day and put it in your locker or locker. From that day onwards, the increase in wealth and property will start and the long pending work will be completed.

* If a person (or an enemy) is troubling too much, then on Tuesday or Saturday, on the peacock feathers, write the name of the enemy on the verandah from the vermillion of the statue of Hanumanji and keep the house in the house overnight. Wake up in the morning without washing it-wash and flush that peacock into the water flowing without talking to anyone. By doing so, the greater enemy becomes a friend and starts giving up with you.

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peacock feather bring prosperity and money try these tricks

* The peacock is the enemy of the snake, so in the horoscope of those who are suffering from Rahu or Kala-pardha Dosha, they should always keep a peacock with them.

* If the child has become too stubborn and does not believe in anything, then he should daily wander with a fan made of peacock feather or stick peacock feathers on your ceiling fan. The child's stubborn nature will be corrected in a few days itself.

* Those who have Kalsarp Yoga in their horoscope should use those pillows by putting 7 peacock feathers on Monday night in their pillow shells. Along with this, on the west wall of the bedroom, peacock feather fan should be placed at least 11 peacock feathers. This will reduce the inauspicious effect of Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope.

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