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Ravana Sister Is Still Alive, Can Predict Future

By: Pinki Fri, 13 Oct 2017 1:15 PM

Ravana Sister is Still Alive, Can Predict Future

Everyone knows about Ravan's sister Supankha. It is said that after Ravana's death, she had gone to exile and she had attained freedom by performing penance. There is no mention of it after this, but in Sri Lanka, a woman has claimed to be an incarnation of her grandfather. The woman's name is Ganga Sudarshi and she says that she has got divine power, due to which she foresees the future events.

Never learned astrology

According to Ganga Sudarshini, she has never read astrology in her life, but she has been blessed by the Gods to see future. Ganga claims that none of his prophecies till date has been proved wrong. Even the event that is going to happen in the future is good or bad; it also makes sense.

Ganga tells that she had predicted the accident of her father's friend in his childhood, which proved to be true, since then he realized his specialness. The world first came to know about them in 1974 when according to their prediction a Flight Martin Air Flight DC 8 crashed. In this accident, 191 people including crew were killed. She tells that she needs only the name of the person and her birth information to tell the future of anyone.

Inherited vision

According to Ganga Sudarshini, their divine vision is inherited. His father, Angmappodi Aladdin De Soyaa, an Ayurvedic physician, used to do similar practice. His sight-seeing Ganga also started doing this practice since childhood. He tells that he has got VVIP status in his country. People from all walks of life come here. Those who follow them treat the Ganga as mother and remove their insecurities of their life with their instructions.

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