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Maha Shivratri- The Lord Shiva Statue In This Temple Is Never Worshiped

By: Pinki Tue, 13 Feb 2018 1:21 PM

Maha Shivratri- The Lord Shiva Statue in This Temple is Never Worshiped

On one hand, where by taking the name of Lord Shiva from the true heart cures all the misery of his devotees and completes his every wish. There is also a temple of God Bholenath in our country, where devotees neither offer milk nor water on Shivling. Not only this, people are afraid of worshiping this Shiva temple.

The village town, Balatir located about 70 km from Dehradun, is this temple of Lord Shiva. There is a curse dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here devotees come from far away to visit Lord Bholenath. The Temple is known as, 'Hatiya Deval' due to the unique architecture of the temple. The special thing about this temple is that people come here to visit Lord Shiva, but Lord Shiva is not worshiped here.

The name of this temple took place because it was made with one hand. This temple is very old and it is mentioned in old texts, records too. There was a time ruled by the King Curtury at any time. The rulers of that era had great affection for architecture. Even he used to compete with others in this case. People believe that once a skilled craftsman wanted to build a temple there, he got involved in work. There was another special thing about artisan. He started building the temple with one hand and made a temple all night.

When the villagers and pundits saw Lord Shankar's idol engraved inside the temple, it came to know that due to being made quick over night, the rifle of the Shivaling has been made in the opposite direction, whose worship will not be rewarding, but a catastrophic.

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