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5 Benefits Of Camphor Oil For Skin And Hair

By: Pinki Wed, 27 May 2020 12:20 PM

5 Benefits of Camphor Oil For Skin and Hair

When we think of the word Camphor, the first thing that comes to our mind is small translucent squares that are easily flammable. Camphor is commonly used in the daily puja routines across the country and in all major ceremonies where a fire is lit, big or small.

But who would have thought that camphor for hair would be a vital ally to keep your hair healthy, silky and shiny? Another thing camphor is usually associated with is with preserving winter clothes and keeping them bug free.With its irresistible aroma and various health benefits, camphor, commonly known as kapur, has been an integral part of the Ayurveda since time immemorial. Major beauty brands and pharmaceutical plants use camphor as one of the main ingredients in their products. The essential oil extracted from camphor tree has healing properties in abundance along with many other benefits. With this single ingredient, you can keep all your health worries at bay.

* Treatment of pimples and acne

Irrespective of our age, gender or race; fighting with acne and scars has been a universal problem. In the desperation to get rid of these dermal conditions, we frivolously spend oodles to buy over hyped creams and serums. The use of camphor oil can beat all of these so-called acclaimed products. Use it and you would be able to get permanent freedom from scars, pimples and acne.

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* Helps getting rid of itching and irritation

Camphor has anti-bacterial properties and this compound can activate the nerve endings, rendering relief to an itchy and irritated skin. It has a soothing effect which calms the tissues. It is also very effective in dealing with redness caused due to scratching.

* Soothes cracked heels

If you have been crying over your cracked heels, camphor could be your saviour. Give yourself a pedicure at home. Soak your feet in a solution of camphor oil and water for a little while, scrub off the dead skin and wash your feet with water. Apply a moisturiser and your cracked heels will be miraculously healed.

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* Removes scars

No, this isn't another one of those fake promises. Camphor can actually help you getting rid of the burnt skin or any other permanent scars. Apply a small amount of camphor dissolved in water on your scars. With regular use, you will see them getting lighter. The only precaution to take is to not apply it, when the scars are new as it can cause inflammation.

* Treats Dandruff

Dandruff can make anyone go crazy. An itchy and flaky scalp is neither good to look at nor comfortable to have. For those who are just pissed off with dandruff should give camphor a try. A nice massage of this essential oil will tackle your dandruff.

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