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5 Ways To Wear A French Manicure

By: Pinki Wed, 11 July 2018 11:32 AM

5 Ways To Wear A French Manicure

The good old French manicure dates as far back as the 18th century. This particular nail art has been the favourite of us for a really long time. But with the advent of chrome nails and colourful nail paints, this classy white and transparent polish look seemed to have taken a backseat. This new year, beauty and make-up experts are predicting the revival of this art with new techniques. Decals & stickers, stripes, fishnet accents offer new ways to wear a French manicure right now.

* French Fishnets

French tips and fishnets go hand in hand style wise, so why not combine the two vampy choices into one? Start with a bare nail, then hand paint a grid or use a nail stencil to get the crosshatched design. Once dry, paint your tips white and finish with a clear base.

* Understated Stripe

This look is a subtle way to update the classic French manicure. After your white tips are dry, underline each with a stripe of nude and finish off the look with a clear topcoat. Actually you can play with the muted tones of mauve, pink, lilac or powdered blue for a little warm yet classy look

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* Floral Decals/Stickers

An easy addition to the French tip? Decals and stickers. After creating the traditional look, layer a thin coat of clear top coat. While tacky, gingerly set your design with the help of a tweezer and press down. Finish with a topcoat to secure. Decal and sticker chioce mary vary depending on the occassion you are wearing these nails.

* Mondrian Outlines

Focus on this manicure’s ring finger. The white tip is lined in black for a graphic, Mondrian-esque design. But yes, you have to be really patient and an artist (as you have to paint these with paint brush) to create these kind of a design.

* Checkerboard

For this checkerboard nail, start with a classic French tip. Once dry, apply black boxes to create the design and finish with a clear topcoat.

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