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Simple Summer Makeup Tips To Beat The Heat With Style

By: Pinki Sat, 27 June 2020 2:59 PM

Simple Summer Makeup Tips To Beat The Heat With Style

The scorching heat of summer is often terrible to bear. Often we as young women who want to flaunt our style and look good are fed up and too tired to even think of getting ready to go out during the hot summer months. One primary concern for this is the blazing heat which may melt our makeup and spoil our looks. The heat can really be bad for the skin and can cause sunburn and tanning too. Hence the summer season requires a new kind of beauty and skin care regime, which is totally different from our everyday makeup. The prior importance is first to wear makeup to protect us from the heat, messing up our makeup. Hence here we are with summer makeup tips to get you sorted on how to style and care for your beauty during the summer season.

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* Face Makeup- Primer

Now comes the makeup part. Let us begin with fresh summer makeup tips this season. Any makeup during summer has to go through this process.

One cannot fail to emphasize the importance of a primer for the base of makeup, especially during the summer season. This is required on a day-to-day basis, be it every day or during the summer holidays. The primer will help to set the foundation on the skin without smudging through the whole day

* Foundation

Any perfect summer makeup will begin from the foundation after the application of the primer. The foundation should be selected as per the skin tone, as per preference you can go either for mousse kind of consistency or heavy coverage or light coverage. For summer, you can try heavy or light coverage better than mousse consistency. In case you want to go for an everyday makeup look then try light makeup. If you want to attend parties or weddings, then try for a full and heavy coverage foundation. Select foundation closer to your shade, apply on the face with the help of foundation brush or sponge evenly all over face and neck. You can take the best summer makeup foundation which has SPF to use this season!

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* Concealer

The next in summer makeup tutorial is the concealer application. In case of acne spots or pimples or skin discolouration, you can take help of concealer to make the foundation look even on the face. Take concealer of your shade or a lighter shade. Further, you can use red concealer to hide black spots on face. Apply also on tips of face points like nose, chin and forehead to highlight the features of the face.

* Compact Powder

The next step is the usage of compact powder. While some prefer to skip this step, it is recommended that it is used during summer. You can take an SPF inbuilt compact powder for summer. This helps to also provide you with a double layer of protection on the skin during the summer season. Apply evenly with the help of an airbrush.

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* Eye Shadow

The first step to go for is eye shadow. In summer, we all want to keep our makeup light and bright. Hence go for either nude colours or bright colours as per skin tone and occasion. Makeup tips for oily skin in summer are to apply eye shadow only on eye primer. There are eye primers available in the market to ensure that eye makeup lasts for a longer time. Apply first a light shadow on the crease and then lightly spread over with a brush. Next, take similar tone colours of the shadow and extend the application from inside of the eye to the outer area.

* Lip Makeup

Here is another important step, which cannot be skipped. For summer months you can go in for earth tones or nude tones as you wish. Many women prefer to go for simple and earthy tones in summer as this will elevate the look altogether. Even for summer, makeup for dark skin can work on this look for a brighter look. Apply evenly nice lipstick to look gorgeous in spite of the heat.

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