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Tips For Woman To Remember While Shaving Your Face

By: Pinki Thu, 03 Jan 2019 1:38 PM

Tips For Woman To Remember While Shaving Your Face

Women shaving their faces has turned into quite the trend nowadays. And women across the world agree that shaving makes your skin glow, rejuvenated and is the quickest hair removal technique possible at the last minute. But are you shaving your face right? Following the proper care before and after shaving? Here’s all you to know about shaving.
How To Shave

Stick to gel technology women’s shaving blades and razors that safe and come with disposable tips. Or you can always use a men’s razor with curves and movable blades to avoid nicks and burns. Use a sharp blade and always shave in the direction of your hair growth. This helps to prevent ingrowth. Short strokes and try to get as much hair as possible out with limited swipes.

Shaving Myths

Myth – Any hair once shaved grows back thicker.

Fact – It will but not because of the blade you use or the razor sharpness! It’s a natural process and all depends on your body hormones and chemical process. The hair appears thicker because it grows back all at once.
Beauty Benefits of Shaving

Research states that men tend to look younger just because they shaving every day. It apparently helps to exfoliate your skin and acts as a skin cleanser. With clearer skin, any products your use post-shaving gets absorbed in your skin better and gives the best results.

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Shaving Tips

* Don’t overdo it!

Remember, it all depends on your hair growth. Most women tend to grow more due to hormonal imbalances. If a specific area has a faster growth rate, you can shave there only. Stick to shaving only once a week or your skin will get irritated and turn sensitive.

* Pre-Care Is Necessary!

Apply a cooling gel or moisturiser before and after you shave to avoid any skin irritation. Shave on dry skin but you need to moisturise your face beforehand for it absorbs in your skin. Don’t use any chemical or alcohol-based products or peels on your face after your shave. It will clog your open pores and stunt your hair follicles increasing hair ingrowth.

* Keep It Separate!

You need to have separate razors for your body and face. This helps to avoid infections and keeps the process hygienic. Remember to wash your razors thoroughly and/ or dip it in rubbing alcohol after every use for hygiene purposes.

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