5 Video Games That Ruled In 90's Childhood

Pinki Tue, 14 Nov 2017 3:54 PM
5 Video Games That Ruled in 90's Childhood

As a millennial baby, there are a few unforgettable, but now seemingly ancient, things that were a staple of my childhood namely, 1990s video games. I was first introduced to gaming when I was given a Sega Mega Drive for my birthday; little did I know that this machine would change my life forever. As an only child, if my friends were busy, it was a blessing that I had video games to keep me company. A few years later, the super advanced console that everyone had been waiting for (the PlayStation) was released and my dad got one for us soon after it came out. This changed everything.

If you’re a 90’s kid, there’s no way you haven’t played these I know I grew up with them, and I would prefer them over the games these days. Let’s get to the top 10 list.

5 Video Games That Ruled in 90's Childhood

# Spartan

Although I could never complete the 5th round in which there was an old tiny man doing some voodoo get you down, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Specially the 3rd stage boss was completely like Big Show, it was always fun beating him. 4th round was always full of weird insects. You know you loved it.

5 Video Games That Ruled in 90's Childhood

# Donkey Kong

If you were a 90s video games addict like I was, I’m sure you would have played this fantastic game. All the stages were fun to go through, but once you got hang of it, it was too easy to finish of the game. I would have loved it better if there were more stages.

5 Video Games That Ruled in 90's Childhood

# Excite Bike

Oh, oh, oh, if you played videogame with all your cousins at home all day, this was the game for you. Better still, you could create your own levels. It was our very own first bike racing game, before we got Zippy Race which was quite meh.

5 Video Games That Ruled in 90's Childhood

# Circus

First stage: Piece of cake if you weren’t greedy enough to get those bonus points.
Second stage: Piece of cake except those three monkeys with no gap in between, tricky but easy.

Third stage: It was fun, jumping from balls to balls, which doesn’t sound weird at all. It was the most fun stage of all.

Fourth stage: It was as easy as riding a horse. Literally. If you got hang of it, you were good to go.

Fifth stage: I could never complete it, I have no idea about it, I swear.

5 Video Games That Ruled in 90's Childhood

# Load Runner

Use all the brains you got but you’d still always fail. It was one hell of a game from the 90’s and I still play it when I get time. This game deserves all the love.