Bigg Boss 11- It's Time To Fight For Ticket To Finale

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Bigg Boss 11- It's Time To Fight For Ticket To Finale

Shilpa and Puneesh are discussing Akash wherein Shilpa says that Akash kissed her yet again and asked her that why she is not 25 years old. She further says that she yelled at him and even wanted to slap him and that they all should not ignore his bad behaviour anymore. Hina also agrees that they should not tolerate him while Puneesh says that he ignores him or else he will end up slapping him.

With just six contestants left in the house, it is getting tougher for them to keep track of the daily chores and house cleaning. As Shilpa and Hina go about doing their daily routine of cooking and cleaning, Akash, who is taking full advantage of being safe from nominations, refuses to offer any help and continues to sleep. Exasperated by his behavior, Hina and Shilpa get into an argument with Akash and when Akash speaks rudely with Hina, she goes on to tell him that he dare not speak with her again.

Shilpa tells Akash to wake up and clean the house a bit but he refuses and makes fun of her. Shilpa asks Hina to tell Akash to clean the floor, and he gets angry and starts yelling at her. Hina does not take it calmly and yells back at him. They both get into a massive argument. Shilpa joins Hina and tells Akash that he was Arshi Khan’s puppy. Further, Akash throws away the night suit that Hina gave it to him. Hina picks it up and throws it in the dustbin. Puneesh tells Akash that he should have at least washed Hina's night suit before returning it to her.

After a shocking nomination task, where Akash and Puneesh successfully found a spot in the Top 5, it is time for one lucky contestant to win the Ticket to the Grand Finale. The golden opportunity to make it to the finale lies in the mountain climbing task in which contestants have to eliminate their competition one by one simply by using their street smartness.

The lawn area is converted into a large snow mountain and a stepper placed on an incline denotes the mountain climb. The contestants must carry bags with each other’s name and either empty it to signify the choice of elimination or form an alliance by saving it from someone else who is trying to empty it. The main motive for the contestants here will be to ensure that their bag pack reaches the top of the BB Mountain safe and sound.

‘Mastermind’ Vikas Gupta cracks a deal with Hina and the two of them decide to stand by each other during the task. On the other hand, his sworn rival Luv Tyagi is determined to get Vikas out and keeps instigating him during the task. The two ladies of the house, Shilpa and Hina, team up to ensure Akash is the first one out of the task.

The task begins and Luv, who has Puneesh’s bag, tries to open Akash’s bag which is on Vikas’ bag but Vikas resists and tells him not to open it. The first alarm rings and they all step down with no significant result. Shilpa suggests that they all should play individually and should not think about saving others to make the task more fun and enjoyable. Hina tells Luv that she does not trust Vikas who is trying hard to convince Hina to play with him.

When the second alarm rings, Shilpa empties Hina’s bag, which is on Akash’s back. Hina decides to empty Akash’s bag, which is hanging on her (Hina’s) back. At the end, Akash’s bag has less weight and hence he loses out on one point.

Towards the end of Day 1, commoners – Akash, Puneesh and Luv – are seen discussing the task seriously, and Akash feels that the celebrities, that is Hina and Shilpa, are too confident about their position as television faces and hence, they are not interested in the task. Puneesh reasons, that because of this attitude of Hina and Shilpa, Vikas may get the ticket to finale.

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