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Bigg Boss 11- Sabyasachi Satpathy Finally Wakes Up In The House And Becomes New Caption

By: Pinki Fri, 10 Nov 2017 12:12 PM

Bigg Boss 11- Sabyasachi Satpathy Finally Wakes Up in The House and Becomes New Caption

And we have a new captain of the Bigg Boss 11 house. Sabyasachi beat Bandgi Kalra and Akash Dadlani to become the new captain of the house, according to reports in Business Of Cinema. After the luxury budget task, these three were among the first people to leave the spaceship after the buzzer went off which made them a contender for captaincy. In the upcoming episodes, all three contenders will be given a nest each and they will have to convince housemates to put an egg in their nest. The person with the maximum eggs becomes the new captain of the house.

Of course, the task is incomplete without a lot of drama and fights. People will probably pass unnecessary taunts at others to provoke them and support their favourites but Sabya ends up winning the task. Good for you Sabya! That was quite unexpected since Bandgi and Akash do have strong connections in the house. We wonder how good a captain Sabyasachi will be and we are hoping he is a good, responsible one. What do you know, he won the immunity anyway after becoming the captain. The confessions task in the previous Weekend Ka Vaar episode promised immunity to one contestant and though Sabya’s confession was far more stronger, Shilpa ended up winning it.

Last episode saw the celebrities breaking rules of the task and the captain trying to canoodle with his lady love inside the house. Hina and Sabyasachi also get into an argument after he votes for Hina to be sent to jail. Benafsha Soonawalla also tells him that the reason he never took Priyank Sharma’s name was because he wants to talk to Priyank constantly. Sabyasachi tells her that he will not speak to Priyank at all. Now that escalated quickly.

What are your thoughts on the new captain of the house? Will Sabyasachi be a better captain than Puneesh or will he fail as a captain? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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