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Kiara Advani: From The Time Lust Stories Has Been Showcased, My Phone Hasn’t Stopped Ringing

By: Pinki Sun, 24 June 2018 10:10 AM

Kiara Advani: From the time Lust Stories has been showcased, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing

Lust Stories has managed to catch a lot of attention and Kiara Advani is basking in the limelight. Why not she has snagged the Karan Johar segment of the anthology. The story about a married woman who brings zing back into her life…

What was it like to be a part of the anthology?

I am so glad that Netflix has decided to come to India and invest into our stories, our art. From the time Lust Stories has been showcased, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Just last night I got a message from some friends who are based in LA, they happened to see it and were all praises. For me, it is just all very overwhelming. It is a fantastic platform and a huge reach. Everyone has access to it and everyone seems to be watching it, which is great. We have had such a lot of critical acclaim.

That’s something you can take for granted, there has never been a film where the critics have criticised you. It is one thing that I won’t ever take for granted. It is most important to me that my work is appreciated. I want to do my best and believe me, a little appreciation goes a long way. It surely reinstates your faith in your ability and your job.

Truly, Lust Stories has been widely appreciated across all segments. It is good because whenever there is a mention of women stories, it tends to border around male-bashing these days, which takes away from its glory.

I understand what you are getting at, I guess over the period of time that women have felt so subservient in the society, it is obvious that when they find their voice they tend to speak out rather vehemently. Which in turn gets into the whole male-bashing zone. But in our film that is not at all the case. Lust Stories are stories of women, how they feel, what they go through, but never do they get into that zone where they are simply male-bashing for the heck of it. In fact, there is no male-bashing at all, it is just a reflection of the society we live in, and how women really are…..

In an anthology, when there are so many different stories being said, featuring some really big names, did it make you work doubly hard? Did it worry you in anyway?

Frankly, I just concentrated on my segment, because an anthology is a collage of short stories. I worked on my story. I understand what you mean by comparison to other actors etc, it didn’t happen here at all. However, I have worked on other films which was an ensemble cast, like say, MS Dhoni, even there, I didn’t worry about what others are doing. I just did my job. For me, there is no question of working doubly hard, because of some other actor. I always strive to give my very best in everything that I do. It is not in me to do something half-baked…it plays on my conscience.

I have caught you in Hyderabad, so what’s keeping you there?

I am working on a brand new film with Ram Charan, Bharat Ane Nenu – my film with Mahesh Babu has been really appreciated here, so I am glad to be back here doing more work.

I remember the first time we met, you were surprised by your own fan following down South, have you accepted it now?

It really took me by surprise. I didn’t know why so many people were liking me, and wanting me in their films. It really shocked me at first. Now it has seeped in but with all the love that I have received, I realise I want to give back what I am getting. There are these people who have given me an audience even on the Netflix platform, these are the people who are following my work, I need to make good entertaining films for them and that’s my agenda right now. I am working towards making myself
worthy of their love.

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