5 Colors You Must Add To Your Summer Wardrobe

By: Pinki Tue, 02 June 2020 09:26 AM

5 Colors You Must Add To Your Summer Wardrobe

Warmer weather means two things for your wardrobe: 1) it’s time to switch to clothes that make you feel cooler (easy); and 2) it’s time to start passing on the black and navy in favour of brighter shades (less so).

There’s a reason most men avoid vivid colors. They don’t want to look like a rainbow just threw up on them. If bread-and-butter hues like black, grey and navy are ‘safe’, then bolder ones like yellow and red are, in sartorial terms, asking for trouble.

But, while colours may up the ante in terms of risk, they also provide a way of not looking like Captain Obvious every time you change out of your birthday suit. And, if you get really clever with the old colour wheel and seek out the shades which suit your skin tone, you stand to instantly look more attractive. Nifty, eh?

To help you navigate the pitfalls of an expanding palette, we’ve tapped the expert knowledge of the men who dress well for a living. It’s time to lighten up.

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* Millennial Pink

Once considered as masculine as Bear Grylls on steroids, pink only gained its feminine status in the early 20th century. Since then it’s been championed by the likes of Barbie, Paris Hilton and Becky in HR who loves her glittery feather pen. A new more open-minded generation of men has, however, chosen to ignore this and are diving head-first into millennial pink.

First things first, we’re not talking the bubblegum shade that covered your 12-year-old sister’s bedroom walls. Millennial pink is all about the colour’s subtler guises: think peach, rose, blush and salmon.

* Sage Green

Green might just be the new black. It’s almost as versatile as any other neutral, pairing well with everything from white and navy to yellow and pink. And because it’s not as loud or as traditionally gendered as some tones, it’s a lot easier to slip into your wardrobe.

New to green? Kick off with a pale sage or military shade. It works well in basics like T-shirts or chinos, but a field jacket or pocketed overshirt in this colour is another no-brainer: the look is trending this season and, truth told, won’t ever really fall out of fashion thanks to its years of service, both armed and civilian. What’s more, they’re well worth the money. Throw over a white tee and pale, distressed jeans in spring and switch for sand chinos in high summer.

summer colors,colors to add summer wardrobe,fashion tips,latest fashion trends

* Yellow

For most men, the idea of wearing yellow prompts a feeling that’s anything but mellow. But while there’s no denying that this colour is tricky to ace, it’s far too powerful a hue to write off entirely. That’s why Gen-Z (depressingly, that’s the generation junior to millennials) is making like it’s the nineties and giving yellow its moment in the sun again.

As with pink, yellow works best toned-down. (Unless it covers just a couple of square inches in total, in which case you can even try canary.) Think less hi-vis vest, more muted mustard.

* Varsity Red

According to colour theory, red is associated with energy, power and strength. Which is reason enough to put it front and centre in your wardrobe. But it’s also a smart choice for punching up your primary colours quotient if yellow is too far out of your comfort zone.

* Pastel Purple

That purple is one of the most overlooked colours in menswear isn’t entirely surprising, especially given its connotations of Disney villains, fortune tellers and nineties Goths. But then, there’s also Prince. Follow in the late trendsetter’s footsteps, not by donning full glam rock regalia, but by trying your hand at pale purple this summer. If nothing else, you’ll score points for originality.

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