5 Heels Hacks Every Girl Must Know

By: Pinki Sat, 04 May 2019 11:40 AM

5 Heels Hacks Every Girl Must Know

Does the mere thought of wearing heels make you cringe? One night of dancing in gorgeous heels shouldn’t mean limping around the next day. Here are 5 full proof heel hacks that are a must know for every girl who loves her heels but hates the pain.

* Science has an answer! Biology says, to prevent your heel from hurting tape the third and the fourth toe (counting from the big toe) together using medical tape. Sounds insane, right? The nerve present between the two toes causes pain when pressure is put on it, wearing heels creates pressure on your toes thus taping those together eases the pain.

* Do you sometimes fear tripping and falling at the dance floor? Rub sand paper on the soles of your heels as it increases the friction. Be gentle though, don’t go scrapping the soles off your Steve Maddens.

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* If a new pair feels too tight, put on a few pairs of thick socks and heels. Now take your hair dryer and apply heat to the problematic areas. This will cause your heels to stretch out making them more comfortable.

* Make the wise choice – wedge heels are often a better option than stilettos or pumps. Not only do they hurt less but they are comparatively more comfortable and equally stylish.

* If your feet gets sweaty in heels, it’s time to for a little hack to make them sweat proof. To do this spray sweat free deodorant or use talcum powder on your feet before you put your heels on.

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