5 Tips To Remember While Buying Saree For Bride

By: Pinki Thu, 29 Mar 2018 1:03 PM

5 Tips to Remember While Buying Saree For Bride

Marriage is the beginning of a new life for girls. It is a big step, a special day that requires meticulous planning. No wonder, every girl will want this day to be perfect. Every girl will want to look the best they can. The bridal saree plays a very crucial role in the overall beauty of the bride and it is by far the most difficult part of the shopping. So, how to select the right bridal saree? Here are a few important tips that will help you to find the one that suits you the best.

* Fabric

Remember that the fabric of your bridal saree can enhance your beauty on the special day. The choice of fabric can make you look slim or bulky. For bridal sarees, silk is always the first choice. Fabric also determines the comfort level during long ritual hours. It will also determine how long the garment can hold without messing up. Because silk can be extremely expensive, you can go for brocade or chiffon too. This is a matter of personal choice.

* Color

Indian brides get a leeway on this aspect of selecting a bridal saree. Despite the fact that pink and red are very popular, you can also opt for other colors which are equally beautiful. However, the color you choose should go well with your skin complexion. If you have a fair complexion, any bright colored saree will work well. However, if you have a dark complexion or if you have extra bulk on your body to deal with, you need to opt for some darker shade as it will make you look slim and fairer. Also, the color should not overshadow your jewelry because they too hold significance.

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* Design

This is a matter of personal choice but you should not forget that heavier the design, the more uncomfortable you feel. Heavy embroidery, embellishments etc. will make you look gorgeous but they are not suitable for longer periods as these sarees tend to be heavy. Also, heavy and dazzling designs don’t go well with dark complexions.

* Don’t forget the blouse

You can opt for a matching blouse or a contrasting color. Backless and deep neck blouses are better to be avoided on your wedding day but if you are from a liberal family background, you can always go for these. Again, blouses can also have heavy embroidery or can be heavily embellished with stones, sequins etc. The rule of thumb is, ‘the heavier the design you select, the more uncomfortable you get’. The fabric of the blouse will also determine whether you get a bulky or a slim look. Of course, you cannot forget the season! Some fabrics are good for winter but must be avoided during summer.

* Go out for some window shopping

Now that you have your preferred designs, materials, colors and budget in place, step out with some friends and family members for some window shopping. You don’t need to buy the same day you go out. Visit a few shops and find out what they are offering. Compare the prices because retail prices can differ from one merchant to another. Continue some window shopping for a few days and see what others have to say. Take a vote and add your personal preferences. Now you have the sketch of the final product ready.

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