5 Tips To Take Care Of Clothes

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5 Tips To Take Care of Clothes

We all love fashion and shopping 24×7. But whenshopping like a maniac, you also need to learn how to take care of all those beautiful clothes in your closet. Some obvious things are to clear out your pockets before washing anything, take care of your body hygiene since sweat also ruins clothes and not to overspend on things you are going to wear only once. From washing each of them correctly to maintaining their colours and embellishments, here are some important tips on how to take care of your clothes in the right way.

* Buying Process

First and foremost, buy good clothes. And we mean good quality, not everything and anything that you like. Buying good quality clothes indirectly makes your work less in taking care of them in the first place. You don’t need to look for big brands or labels for good clothes so don’t worry about spending too much. With just the right fabrics and materials, you can find cheap clothes in thrift stores, flea markets, second-hand sale shops, donate piles etc. You just need to identify the good from the not-so-good.

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* Washing

Laundry is necessary but don’t overdo it. Washing clothes more than needed can make them faded and lose their natural shape and fabric effects. Wash dark coloured clothes inside out, always wash the whites separately since you never know which colour might accidentally bleed onto it. Delicates like undergarments bras should never go in the machines. They get shapeless and will need to be replaced sooner than needed (aka spending more money). Clothes with metal zips, tabs or accessories need to be handwashed since they may get stuck in the machine. This will ruin both the clothes and the appliance.

* Folding

People hate folding their clothes and we can’t disagree! Time-consuming and a different style for every fabric, material, design, style and sometimes even the shape! Who has time for that?! An easy tip? The best way is to fold any of your clothes along the seams only. This helps you prevent unnecessary creases that need to be ironed out. Button all the buttons and close zippers to avoid getting them snagged on other clothes. Invest in good sturdy hangers that will keep your clothes in good condition. Airing them out naturally is a good idea even after using a dryer.

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* Repairs

It’s better to learn how to sew and do minor repairs on your clothes rather than just dumping them. This will help you save money and make use of the clothes even longer. Sewing kits or sewing machines can help you fix those missing buttons and seamless hemlines or attach something back in its place. And why worry when there is the internet to teach you how to sew a button or make a double stitch in need.

* Upcycling

Instead of dumping all your old clothes in the bin or donating it to charity (when you can still wear it), opt to transform them into something else altogether. Upcycle your jeans into shorts or make that shirt you accidentally stained into a tie-dye look. There are so many ways you can style or change the way a piece of clothing looks, be it with fabric paints, creative cutting or other techniques.

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