5 Ways To Style Your Necklaces

By: Pinki Fri, 23 Aug 2019 10:30 AM

5 Ways To Style Your Necklaces

Gone are the days of heavy neckpeices with bold gemstones that evoke a old, traditional vibe. Instead, style pundits are snatching up delicate necklaces that, when worn solo, are feminine and simple. But actually these pieces are meant to be layered, a sort of DIY statement necklace you create by layering three or four pieces at a time. Daily dainties make everyone a jewelry stylist. And since you can change the look by replacing one necklace for another, the trend gives you amazing flexibility.

* Keep it personal

Want to make it uber-personal? Use initials, zodiac signs or other engraved words (hometown, zip codes or favorite sports teams) to make your accessory style even more your own. For a sophisticated style, try simple chains in varying lengths for a subtle, but sexy, look. For an interesting visual contrast, add a horizontal bar necklace to break up the lines of necklaces that are mostly vertical.

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* Long and lean

Make your longest piece a bit on the heavy side if you are filling in a deep V neckline. Pendants work great, since the weight of the bauble adds a long visual that frames the other two necklaces.

* Chain change

Now you’re ready to start your personality profile accessory. Add necklace number two, choosing a longer piece. Even an inch or two longer will work, but if you are filling in a deep V neckline, you can drop down several inches. Keep things interesting by choosing a different chain for your second accessory element. If your base piece has a subtle, delicate chain, perhaps choose a bold link or a rice-bead chain. If you are fearless when it comes to fashion, mix it up even more with a different metal. Layer gold, rose gold or silver.

necklaces,styling necklaces,fashion tips

* Start at the top

Your first piece should always be the shortest necklace of the bunch. A slim, 16-inch choker, a dainty pendant or a circle of gemstones or pearls is the starting point, if you are wearing a scoop-neck top, blouse or T-shirt. The only time you don’t want a shorter necklace as your base? If you are wearing a boat-neck top or any shirt with a high neckline. If your necklace “fights” the neckline of your shirt or top, start layering below the neckline.

* More is more

Don’t think you have to stop at three necklaces. Adding piles of necklaces is one of the oldest tricks in the style book to give you a sophisticated, slightly boho look. (Think Coco Chanel and her piles of pearls … timeless and oh-so-chic!)

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