5 Ways To Use Gajra For Stylish Hairdo

By: Pinki Sat, 11 Jan 2020 12:58 PM

5 Ways To Use Gajra For Stylish Hairdo

Flowers are considered symbol of goodness in India. Flowers are the best adornment to your hair and they can be made to look pretty with barely any effort. While there is no end to the permutations and combinations possible for floral gajras, here are some beautiful gajra styles to try this season.

* Single Stranded Gajra

The jasmine single stranded gajra never goes out of fashion. Keep the makeup bold while you need to contrast the white with blingy hair accessories.

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* Double Stranded Gajra

You may flaunt a low bun and cover the upper and lower ends with a medium thick gajra. Jasmine or any cream colored flower goes with it.

* Full Gajra

This style is mostly worn during weddings. Make a little bun and pleat your hair to bring out the full gajra effect.

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* Full Cover Bun

Make a beautiful bun and cover it entirely with gajra. It looks great on brides. But if you love floral-embellished hair, simply pick a net saree to flaunt it with.

* Easy Gajra

Simply tie a neat bun and put a line of gajra around it. This one is probably the simplest gajra style of all time.

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