6 Amazing Tips To Look Gorgeous In A Saree

By: Pinki Fri, 26 Apr 2019 1:48 PM

6 Amazing Tips To Look Gorgeous in a Saree

It’s every Indian girl’s dream to look sizzling in a saree. They have been a vital part of our vast culture for over a hundred years now. Even though a saree is just a few yards of cloth, it may seem like a lot of work. Fret no more, the time to question whether you’ll succeed in gracefully pull it off or end up tarnishing the whole look, is behind you. We’ve come to your rescue; here is the perfect guide to ensure you sway people off their feet in a saree.

* Choose your saree according to your body

If you’re tall then there really isn’t much to fuss about as almost any saree will flatter your frame. While on the other hand, if you’re short then make sure to pick fabrics that are light and easy like georgette or silk rather than starchy cotton. Also, vertical prints will make you look taller.

* Pick the perfect blouse

The blouse can either make or break your look. Pick a blouse in accordance with your saree color and pattern. The blouse can also help you in concealing your problematic areas for e.g. If you have chubby arms, invest in a blouse with ¾th sleeves or if you want your chest area to look fuller wear an embroidered blouse. But make sure you tailor your blouse to fit exceptionally well.

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* Get the footwear right

Make the smart choice when it comes to footwear. You want the footwear to compliment your saree but in this situation comfort comes first. Strappy heels or stilettos are ideally the way to go but if you aren’t confident put your faith in a pair of wedge or kitten heels. Wear your footwear before the draping this way the length of the saree will be one less thing to be distressed about.

* Avoid petticoat mishaps

The petticoat is as imperative as any other element of the saree. Tying the petticoat too high can alter the length and tying it too low can make it slip further down can look tacky. The petticoat should be tied on or right above your navel. Ensure it is colour co-ordinated with your saree and made out of cotton or silk.

* Wear the correct jewellery

Synchronize your accessories with your saree but do not over-do it. If you’re wearing a light saree, rely on statement pieces to jazz up your look. On the other hand, balance an embellished, heavy saree with minimalistic jewellery. Don’t be too generous with the bling or you will look tacky.

* Secure with safety pins

While too many pins can cause a run in your saree, no pins could be the reason for a malfunction. Use them to keep your pleats and pallu securely in place so you can move around freely without worrying too much.

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