6 Feminine Hairstyle For Long Hair

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6 Feminine Hairstyle For Long Hair

Are you in search of feminine, most gorgeous, and diva sort of hair look in a contemporary way? All you need to achieve these certain looks are long hair. And if you have so, these hairstyles for long hair will surely make you look no less than a princess! Hair can make and break any style statement and is an integral and critical part of the styling process. Be it any event, or for any season, we bring you the latest and most modern yet elegant long hairstyles for girls of all age groups.

Well, while the internet is flooded with hundreds and thousands of looks for long hair, we understand it may be quite overwhelming to explore each one of them. That is why we enter! We have compiled top 10 hair looks to suit those with long hair. These range from both ethnic and traditional to modern and elegant to funky hairstyles for long hair for women, ladies, and girls of different age groups. Keep reading to know our top favourites and also to find out a few easy steps by step tutorials for the same.

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* African American Simple Half Braid

Well, we all love to look in our terms, but as well also want to look beautiful and gorgeous with unique looks. If you are such a sucker for intricate hairstyles, which are done in the easiest manner, not time-consuming, this one can fit apt for your requirements. Here is how you can get this look.

- Comb hair without any tangles, neatly.
- Take two sections of your hair from both sides, and divide into four sub-sections.
- Braid it in those sections and tie it after you reach half.
- Leave the rest of the hair backside and comb it finally to have a neat look.
- That is it; you are good to go in this long haircut.

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* Rolled Up Long Hair Bun

While we have many bun hairdo looks which are prominent in the fashion industry already, we are in now search of a unique and elegant classic bun which one can replicate easily. Here we found it, and this mesmerizing lovely look is now among most sought hairstyles too.

- Working on this bun is easier than you may think.
- Make a net ponytail (low level) after combing hair well.
- Take two sections of the ponytail, and tuck inside the first section as shown in the picture.
- With the other part, comb across and roll it around on the top.
- Pin it well with bobby pins and elastics.

hairstyle for long hair,trending hair style,fashion tips,latest fashion trends

* Semi-Puffed Braid Look

Women who love creativity in the hairstyles and want art within them cannot be competed with. They have a contemporary and intricate taste on how best style statement can look, with mesmerizing and lovely trims and rolls. Here is one such we found, trending on the internet these days.

- Although the intricate hairstyle can seem complicated, we have cracked easy tips for you.
- Comb on hair thoroughly and take a tiny section of hair near the crown.
- Make in puffy ponytails with the help of black elastics as shown in the picture.
- Now begin to take hair from both sections again, and tuck them inside the pony to bring to another side.
- Do the same for remaining portions, and that is it, you are good to go.

hairstyle for long hair,trending hair style,fashion tips,latest fashion trends

* One-Sided Semi-Rolled Pony

If you are a sucker for feminine and beautiful looks, yet quick in the time to do, here is one such gorgeous look we have found recently. It is quite an intricate and yet lovely style we cannot wait to share with you, and for all girls who are in search of a perfect every day not very simple and not very bold kind of hairstyle. Here is how to do this side ponytail hairstyles for long hair.

- Comb in the hair very well and part into two sections.
- With one section, do three rolls of the hair and bring it to the side.
- Mix it with the rest of the hair and tie a pony.
- That is it; you are good to go.

hairstyle for long hair,trending hair style,fashion tips,latest fashion trends

* Fully Braided Hairdo

If you are in search of an entirely bold, solid, trendy and heavy look, we have one for you. It may take patience to achieve this look, but those who want quite a massive and contemporary yet vintage style statement can instead prefer this one. Here is how to make this updo for long hair.

- Comb it hair without any tangles.
- Take two sections of the hair from both sides, and do a pony with the middle section.
- While you work on tightly braiding both the sub-sections in a sleek manner, go ahead with braiding the midsection in a puffy way till the neck
- Work from the crown section till neck, after which you sub-divide hair again and do double braids.
- With the help of elastic, tie all the twists and roll it back near to the neck.
- Secure with a required number of bobby pins.

hairstyle for long hair,trending hair style,fashion tips,latest fashion trends

* Twisted Diamond-Like-Puffy Pony-Braid

Women who love the unique and modern look, without much of repeating and replicating others are those who have an eye for original fashion statements. Today, we have one such look with us to show you. This puffy pony like the braid is although a bit challenging to do, it is all worth it.

- After combing in the hair well, take out an elastic hairband from crown to backside.
- Take sections of hair from all sides and roll it through tucking it across neatly.
- Once you finish it, bring all hair to a pony, after which you roll it across again to tuck inside.
- Continue similarly repeating the same and add on elastics in between.
- Make it puffy by pulling on the sides if necessary.

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