4 Tips To Build Better Immune System

By: Pinki Thu, 12 Apr 2018 1:45 PM

4 Tips To Build Better Immune System

Everybody is aware of how it feels when you are sick. You even start blaming yourself for small things such as forgetting to clean your hands after greeting someone who was coughing, or sleeping less hours because you were watching till late. However, our immune systems do a wonderful job, protecting us from organism that causes diseases. However there are times when the system fails. After the system fails, it paves way for germs and organism to get their way into our bodies and cause diseases. Therefore, the immune system should always be boosted always for our own good.

* Eat a Balanced Diet

This is one of the best and most effective ways which ensure that the immune system is operating just fine. Yes, it has been mentioned probably by everyone, everywhere. Some even perceive it as an old method. Others do not like hearing about diet. Your diet should have fruits, whole grains, vegetables and the lean proteins, which prevent your body from disease-causing germs.

* Exercise

This is another very common phrase and probably a solution to almost every health problem. It is also good for the immune system. After eating healthy, make sure you exercise regularly. Dr Mainardi states that,” There is proof that the people who do not take care of their bodies and exercise regularly have more chances of having common colds and other diseases.”

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* Supplements and Herbs

There are many supplement products you will find in the market that have been indicated as boosters. It is good to be careful when choosing a supplement for boosting your immune system. There are also herbs that boost the system such as kratom and one of the common effects of kratom is heightening the immune system. It also helps in the lowering of blood pressure and the blood sugar levels.

* Get Enough Sleep

It is possible not to sleep well because maybe of some stress you are having. However when you adopt a habit of not sleeping well, it may cause problems to your health. Lack of enough sleep increases chances of you getting sick and reactivation of a disease that you had in the past. This can occur when a virus awakes again in the system and it could even a cause another disease. For instance, chicken pox is a disease caused by reactivation.

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