4 Ways To Have Hygienic Menstruation

By: Pinki Wed, 11 Oct 2017 5:09 PM

4 Ways to Have Hygienic Menstruation

Most of us go through our periods very secretively and don’t really bother to figure out if our practices are hygienic or not. At times, we may wear the same napkin for a whole day. Women is villages and smaller towns still use reusable unhygienic cloth during their periods. And since periods are considered unclean, they are not even allowed to use detergent for washing the soiled cloth well in some households.

According to Dr.Vineeta Gokharu, Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecological & IVF Specialist, H.B. Kawatia Distt. Hospital, Jaipur tell us few hygienic practices that every girl must follow-

# Changing sanitary napkins or tampons within every 4-6 hours is the cardinal rule to establish vaginal hygiene. Menstrual blood, when released from the body attracts various organisms from our bodies, which multiply in the warmth of the blood, and cause irritation, rashes or urinary tract infections. Changing your sanitary napkin or tampon regularly curbs the growth of these organisms and prevents infections.

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# Washing your vagina regularly is extremely important, because the organisms cling to your body after you have removed your sanitary napkin. Most people wash themselves regularly, but not the right way--which is, using your hands in motion from the vagina to the anus, not vice-versa. Motioning your hand from the anus to the vagina can lead to the transmission of the bacteria from the anus into the vagina or urethra opening leading to infections.

# While using vaginal hygiene products everyday is a good idea, using these products during menses can turn things around. Vaginas have their own cleaning mechanism which comes into play during menstrual cycles, and these artificial hygiene products can hamper the natural process leading to infections and growth of bacteria.

# Women tend to use tampons and sanitary napkins, or two sanitary napkins simultaneously during heavy flow which is an efficient technique. While it may keep you dry and prevent stained clothes, it can cause infections too. The combination of two techniques absorbs the blood making us oblivious to the need to change our tampons and sanitary napkins. Without frequent change, the accumulated blood invites bacteria and causes infections. So, it is advisable to use one sanitary napkin and change it as frequently as you can during heavy flow. These cardinal rules will help you stay healthy and manage your period better.

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