5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Oregano

By: Pinki Fri, 15 Jan 2021 3:19 PM

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Oregano

A popular herb, oregano is a must favourite topping on your pizza slice. Oregano is actually related to another famous herb Mint and thus contains equal and healthier components. Although most herbs are best used fresh, surprisingly oregano tastes better when they are dried and powdered. But other than boosting your taste buds do you know the actual benefits of this herb? Rich in healthy nutrients, oregano is useful both in culinary dishes and in home remedies. Read on to find out these surprising benefits of Oregano in your daily diets.

# Boosts Immunity

Adding fresh oregano leaves or using oregano oil in your diet can help boost your immunity at the twice the rate. 1 gram of oregano contains almost 40 times more the antioxidants than apples and is also rich in vitamin A and C. Oregano eaten regularly can help boost your immunity more than berries, fruits, and vegetables. It also helps to keep cancer-causing bacteria at bay.

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# Effective Antibacterial

Since it boosts your immunity, it automatically becomes an effective antibacterial herb. Organic compounds such as Thymol and Carvacrol in oregano act as antibacterial properties that help prevent and protect your skin, stomach and other parts of the body. It also acts as a stimulator for white blood cells and helps to speed metabolism. It is used in foods to kill intestinal bacteria.

# Improves Bone Health

The older you get, the worse your bone health becomes. An effective way to improve your bone health is to incorporate oregano into your diets. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, calcium, iron, and manganese that promote bone growth and strength. Having small amounts of oregano can help prevent osteoporosis and arthritis in the future.

health benefits of oregano,oregano,Health tips,fitness tips

# Controls Diabetes

Oregano is known to manage Type-1 Diabetes. It prevents the growth of hyperglycemia by reducing any inflammatory responses. Since this has been a successful medicinal find, oregano can very well be used in the future to cure diabetes. The fibers in oregano aid in faster digestion and that help to keep your body sugar levels at a minimum.

# Helps in Digestion

Packed with fibers, oregano is a good help to your digestive system. An essential element for digestion, fibers help digest and smoothen the process. It also boosts your nutrient intake so whatever you eat will actually benefit your body the most. While soluble fibers keep your sugar levels in check, insoluble fibers maintain your stomach functions.

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