5 Exercises To Help You Reduce Bum Fat

By: Pinki Wed, 25 Mar 2020 12:34 PM

5 Exercises To Help You Reduce Bum Fat

Staying fit is a goal for everyone. But to lose fat from the butt area is a dream. With the lifestyle we are leading officially and personally, sitting has become a significant part of our life, and it accumulates unnecessary fat in the buttocks. Butt has three major muscles called gluteus maximus, the gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius. It is challenging to have spot reduction, but you can try some simple exercises to reduce bum fat. Explore this article for a detailed description about 5 best exercises to reduce buttocks.

Walking is a part of everybody’s life, one way or another. Brisk walking can offer several health benefits. But if you want a toned buttock, then you will have to put in a bit of an effort. By walking on an inclined plane, with butt-firming exercises will tone your butt effectively.

* One-Leg Deadlift

- First, stand straight and place dumbells on the floor.
- Slowly lift your right leg without losing balance and bend down to reach the dumbbells and wrap your hands around it.
- Complete the pose by extending your right leg as much as possible.
- Keep the extended leg stiff and the resting leg too without bending.
- Try to stay in the pose for 20 seconds.
- You can slowly bring your extended leg to a resting position and standing straight.
- During any time during this stretch, you lose balance; you can slowly put your leg in a resting state.

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* Side-Lying Hip Abduction

- Sleep sideways on the floor and fold your left hand under your head.
- Keep breathing and put your right hand across your chest.
- Now slowly lift your right leg at a 70 degrees angle.
- Keep your leg stretched for about 20 seconds.
- Then slowly bring your leg down and repeat it ten times.
- You can do these stretches by changing sides.

* Side Stepping Exercise

- Place a small stepping stool and stand erect beside it.
- Make your hands into fists.
- Put your left leg on the stool and join your right leg along.
- Put your right leg down and then joined by your left leg.
- Keep repeating at a faster pace.
- It is important to keep breathing.

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* Step Climbing Exercise

- You can use a stepping machine in a gym.
- Use stairs even when there is a lift available.
- You can go for a hike.

* Lunges

- Stand with your feet with a width of your hips.
- Take a forward step with your left leg
- Now slowly bend your legs with a 90 degrees angle without legs touching the ground.
- Come back to standing position and repeat it many times.

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