5 Food That Every Bollywood Diva Avoids

By: Pinki Sat, 27 July 2019 2:30 PM

5 Food That Every Bollywood Diva Avoids

Our favourite Bollywood actress have very enviable bodies that look amazing on the big screen. But how do they manage to pull it off? They recently revealed a part of their weight loss process, which involves cutting out certain foods from their diet that is making all the difference. Let’s find out what they avoid!

* Sugar

Jacqueline Fernandez is strictly against processed sugar in her food and we can understand why. Sugar is nothing but empty calories, which means it doesn’t provide any sort of nutrition. It also causes heart diseases and diabetes, along with other health problems. You will also be storing extra fat because of it, so it’s advisable to steer clear just like Jacqueline has!

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* Milk

Although milk is considered to be a part of an important food group, it has a high fat content and doesn’t go along with everyone’s diet, just like Parineeti Chopra and Alia Bhatt. While Parineeti claims that milk doesn’t suit her, Alia has opted for an organic and low-fat version of milk.

* Yoghurt

Sonam Kapoor is a self-proclaimed foodie who loved having yoghurt with every meal but because of her sensitive stomach, she abstains from having it. Yoghurt is considered to be good for your immunity system because of its probiotic nature so it’s advisable to have only in small amounts, if not allergic.

food that bollywood diva avoids,food to avoid,Health tips

* Eggs

Parineeti Chopra learned that eggs also do not suit her so she has had to remove it from her diet because it was affecting her metabolism. Eggs are rich in Vitamin B and protein so you can consume the egg whites instead of yolk, which is rich in fat.

* Rice

Rice is known to have a bad reputation when it comes to weight loss and many celebrities have shunned it. Even Deepika Padukone, who loves rice, avoids eating it at night. If you can’t cut rice out of your diet, opt for healthier options like brown rice as it is high on fibre and nutrients.

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