5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water Kefir

By: Pinki Tue, 24 Mar 2020 5:21 PM

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Water Kefir

There has been an overwhelming buzz about probiotics. Brimming with a diversity of microbial strains, probiotics have carved a place in every fitness enthusiast’s kitchen cabinet. Water kefir is one such probiotic that has made its way in the drinks section of our menus.Water kefir is a vegan water-based version of the centuries-old fermented kefir. Tracing its roots to the mesmerizing peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, kefir continues to be a rage among people in Europe, Southwestern Asia, and Russia and is gaining steam in the markets of the United States.

Water kefir is well known for its purported benefits on health. Easy to prepare at home, it is light, refreshing, and low in sugar, alcohol, and lactose.Water kefir is a probiotic drink, prepared by dissolving water kefir grains in a sugar water solution. Known as Japanese water crystals, water kefir grains are a symbiotic assortment of bacterial and yeast strains, which need an environment of sugar water to thrive well.

* Promotes a Healthy Gut

Water kefir is teeming with beneficial bacteria. Probiotics or beneficial bacteria promotes your gut health by maintaining a balance of intestinal microflora.Probiotics can have far-reaching effects on your health by improving your digestion and revving up the health of your gut.Water kefir can be considered as a dietary source of probiotics due to the presence of many strains of bacteria in kefir grains used to make water kefir.

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* Combats Infection

A healthy gut has a balance of both good and bad bacteria. Using antibiotics to eliminate pathogens can lead to an imbalance in the gut environment by wiping out the beneficial bacteria from your gut and causing a possible overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria and yeasts.The widespread use of antibiotics and binging on processed foods can dwindle the balance of intestinal microflora.

* Boosts Immunity Levels

Adding water kefir to your daily diet can perk up your immune system.Water kefir can give a boost to your immune system by eliminating harmful bacteria and reducing inflammatory responses and urinary tract infections.

water kefir,health benefits of drinking water kefir,Health tips,fitness tips

* Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

Consumption of probiotics can help decrease the levels of the diabetic marker hemoglobin A1c and fasting blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. This is reason enough to use water kefir to plummet the rising levels of sugar in your blood.An addition to this is the relatively low sugar content of water kefir, which makes it an ideal beverage for diabetics.

* Aids in Weight Loss

Being overweight or obese can hinder you from doing some activities and riddle you with diseases. The need to maintain ideal body weight is enormous.The nutritional superiority of water kefir puts it on a pedestal when it comes to reducing body weight.Water kefir can bust fat by depleting the levels of markers found in epididymal fat. It also slows down the processes of lipogenesis and adipogenesis and brings a sharp decline in cholesterol levels – the predominant causes of obesity.

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