5 Healthy Spices You Must Add In Your Hot Drink During Winters

By: Pinki Thu, 29 Nov 2018 12:05 PM

5 Healthy Spices You Must Add in Your Hot Drink During Winters

Craving your favourite hot cuppa through the cold winter months is commonplace! So, why not make them tastier and healthy too? Here are 5 super spices that you must add to your favourite hot beverage – be it hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or even a warm cuppa plain milk.

* Cinnamon

Cinnamon is considered to be one of the top anti-oxidants among all spices. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, helps fight diabetes, helps in reducing body-fat, and also helps fight infections and viruses, etc. Cinnamon is also known to be beneficial for dental health – it fights bacteria that causes bad breath, cavities and tooth decay. Consuming cinnamon on a daily basis will help your skin to fight acne issues and also lend your face a natural glow. The best bit? You can add it to all kinds of hot beverages – milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.

* Cardamom

Most Indian desserts are incomplete without cardamom. Needless to say, the slightest smell and/or taste of this aromatic spice will make one hum delightfully. And not just this, one small cardamom pod has a range of medicinal benefits – lowers high blood pressure and helps regulate blood circulation, strengthens immune system, etc. When boiled with a couple of cloves, the potion can be helpful in preventing cold and cough. You are already imagining a hot cuppa cardamom tea, aren’t you?

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* Black Pepper Powder

Black pepper is a magical spice. This tiny little black pod can provide us with amazing benefits to protect ourselves from harsh cold winter days. Black pepper cures a cough and a sore throat and also has amazing antibacterial properties. Adding a pinch of black pepper powder to boiling tea is considered as one of the best remedies for sinus and migraine.

* Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a warm spice and is used widely in food preparations in Central Asian countries. Nutmeg has amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and it boosts the immune system. The aromatic spice is said to help regulate metabolism and blood circulation. Old people are advised to have one cuppa warm milk boiled with a sprinkle of nutmeg powder as it also helps relieve arthritis pain. In winters, some Indians love to add a sprinkle of nutmeg powder to their filter coffee too.

* Clove

Clove is antibacterial. It is said to be an anti-carcinogenic, which means, when consumed in small quantities on a daily basis, clove can help fight cancer-causing cells. Cloves are also widely known to regulate blood sugar, enhance the immune system, and consists of compounds such as isoflavones, flavones and flavonoids which are beneficial for healthy bones. Clove is also known to keep our oral health in a good state. It cures headaches and sinus issues, relieves stress and is a very good anti-inflammatory. Just like black pepper powder, add two cloves in the boiling water for tea.

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