5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Heel Pain In Minimum Time

By: Sandeep Mon, 27 Nov 2017 4:45 PM

5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Heel Pain in Minimum Time

Heel pain is a very common problem of the feet and affects our everyday life very much. Heel pain is often felt behind Heel and backside of Heel, but sometimes it causes problems in the pelvic and whole soles. Very interesting information about heel pain

This pain often occurs gradually and goes away slowly and especially when you get up early in the morning. Women suffer from this pain more than men. The main reason why this pain is born is not to use the correct footwear. The main reason for wearing high heels of women is the main cause of this problem by wearing heavy weight and tight shoes in men. Apart from all this, it seems to be problematic for many different reasons.

5 home remedies for removing heel pain:

* Use of ice

It is very beneficial to use ice on pain in AD. This is its best natural remedy. The use of ice reduces the temperature of AD and reduces the feeling of pain and swelling too.

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* Use this way

Put a pouch of seven pieces of polythene in a polythene-seven pieces of cloth and close the mouth with a rubber band and wrap this packet in clean cotton cloth and apply it for 15 minutes on the painful part. This experiment can be repeated 4-5 times a day. Keep in mind that the snow should not be applied on the skin for longer periods of time, by doing so, the skin is burnt with cold ice, which is called frost-byte.

* ADD Massage

Massaging is a great way to relieve pain. It works to provide immediate relief from pain. Massage provides relief to muscles, pressure decreases, and blood circulation becomes smooth by decreasing cloggedness. You can massage the Eddie anytime in the day when the pain is high. Also, after exercising and having regular massage before sleeping. Olive, coconut, mustard or sesame oil can be used to massage.

* Massage this way

Heat the oil slightly by warming the lukewarm on the eddy and massage with two fingers near the two thumbs and thumbs of both hands. Massage the fingers and work from the thumb to the side. Repeat this process for 10 minutes.

* Use of rock salt

This use of rock salt can give great benefit to ADY pain very quickly. This pain fixes inflammation. In this experiment, hot water prophylaxis increases the level of relief.
The experiment is as follows - 4-5 liters of hot water in a wide bucket, no hot water should be hot, and 4-5 glasses of salt in this water. Now for 15-20 minutes, take your feet in this water and sit down. After that wipe the feet and apply a cold cream on the adiors and massage for 5 minutes. Use daily until the pain is correct.

* Use of turmeric

If there is a matter of natural remedies for any kind of pain, then turmeric will be mentioned in it. Because the curcumin known as turmeric is an effective medicine for pain.
Use turmeric as follows - Mix one spoon turmeric powder in one cup of milk and lighten it on a very light fire, then add one teaspoon of honey and drink it. You can drink this drink twice a day.

* Use of Ginger

If there is pain due to muscle strain, then ginger usage will be especially beneficial. Ginger-painful properties are found, and it also purifies blood flow in the body.

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