5 Major Reasons Of Having Irregular Periods

By: Pinki Thu, 07 Nov 2019 4:59 PM

5 Major Reasons of Having Irregular Periods

Period problems? Pregnancy is not the only reason why your periods are so messed up. There are a few several other reasons which result in the dysfunction of your menstrual cycle. Here are a few other external reasons which are to blame for an irregular period.

* Stress

Stress of any level is one of the reasons which contribute to an irregular periodic cycle. Working in the burden-zone environment, lead in an alternation in the production of a hormone gonadotrophin that interferes in the ovulation and regular periods.

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* Extreme Exercise

Rigorous and hardcore exercise for the maintenance of your body results in the changes of pituitary hormones and thyroid hormones which result in changes in your ovulation and menstruation. So it is advisable to take recommendations from a sports medicine doctor in order to have the perfect hormone balance ratio

* Weight Changes

The sudden weight gain due to excessive food intake; being from under to over-weight or due to a hormonal imbalance has proven to create an impact over your periods.

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* Intake of birth control pills

An unplanned pregnancy always demands a female to grab the birth control pill therefore this results in irregular periods or no periods at all for some time.

* Hormonal Changes

Changes in the hormones by an improper lifestyle, stress or excessive intake of the birth control pills are some of the common reasons to have an irregular period. Another common disorder which is always in the complaint list is polycystic ovary syndrome or polycystic ovary disorder commonly called PCOS or PCOD. It is a state where both the ovaries of a female develop cysts in their ovaries; which obstructs the blood flow before the menstrual date. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor to avoid pregnancy complications.

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