5 Reasons You Must Do Kickboxing

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5 Reasons You Must Do Kickboxing

Kickboxing combines a high energy cardio workout with the intensity of martial arts that revs up the metabolism and works to sync the body, mind, and soul as a unit to achieve your goal. Women can not only burn a maximum amount of fat and calories in record time but also gain endurance and provide an array of health benefits. Here are 5 benefits of kickboxing for women that can get you running to seek a class near you.

* Kick that fat away

Kickboxing can burn anywhere between 750 – 900 calories in an hour! This incredibly efficient workout system includes cardio conditioning that helps burn the most stubborn belly fat. Continue your regimen for 3 months and watch your body fat melt away. Do it for another 3 months and you’ll be able to shape up like never before. Also, the addition of strength training elements makes cardio kickboxing an efficient way to ramp up your metabolism. The complete body workout also helps you start slow and pick up the pace reaching a crescendo with activities like rope jumps, high kicks, and speed boxing.

* Show off that toned body

Have always admired washboard abs and wondered when and where you can get it? Watched your friend in envy as she struts in that short skirt showing off her well-toned legs? Want a bootylicious booty that looks great in those hot pants? All these are within your reach. It’s not a magic pill which will transform you overnight. But then, that’s the beauty of this workout. You’ll watch your body sculpt into shape one workout at a time. Because kickboxing forces you to engage all the muscle groups in your body, the toning works overall and not just on one part. With each powerful kick, you’ll be working your waist, belly, butt and legs. That look you can get with kickboxing quickly it is well worth the effort than just another hour at the gym.

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* Defense is the best offense and offense is the best defense for women

A dark alley or a lonely parking lot invariably get our heart racing. If you, unfortunately, come face to face with danger, knowing how to defend yourself and launching the right offensive moves can just about save your life. Kickboxing has a number of mixed martial arts and boxing moves that can help you defend yourself or launch a quick attack to take your opponent by surprise. The very knowledge of martial arts and the confidence in your abilities will help you remain calm and react with knowledge rather than intuitively.

* Relieve stress

Had a bad hair day? While juggling home, work, children, and chores women are always stressed for time with a never-ending task list. The one hour of kickboxing that you ‘gift’ yourself can be a great way to relieve stress. Imagining your boss or irate colleague to be the boxing pad is just an added bonus. Kickboxing, when done in groups, also increases the release of endorphins which works to elevate your mood and diminish stress.

* Find the sexy, fun, confident you

Kickboxing starts off as a challenging goal most women set for themselves. The intense workouts can drain the body but elevate your soul. As you see yourself improve and shape up one workout at a time, it’ll give you confidence in your abilities to reach your goals. And the hot and sexy body that comes along will make you feel even better. Kickboxing workouts can be made fun and enjoyable with foot-tapping music whose rhythm will help you set the pace. And knowing that you can defend yourself adds to the confidence to face any situation with a calm mind.

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