5 Remedies To Cure Your Asthma

By: Pinki Fri, 22 May 2020 11:43 AM

5 Remedies To Cure Your Asthma

Are you looking for alternative medicine to ease your symptoms during an asthma attack? Studies show a strong relationship between the use of inhalers and the occurrence of prostate cancer. Today many people are leaning towards safer methods of treatment not only for children but also for adults. There are countless methods like natural relaxation and deep abdominal breathing, yoga, which can relieve the symptoms of asthma. There is no dearth of ways to provide you with relief in the form of home remedies for asthma. Among the various respiratory issues and allergic reactions, the most common issue is that of asthma.

In layman’s terms, asthma is a respiratory disease that causes narrowing and inflammation of your airways. This condition makes it difficult for one to breathe easily. The standard classic symptoms manifested by one suffering from asthma are wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and tightness of the chest. Asthma can sometimes be life-threatening if left untreated. Nowadays, there are several home remedies available to make one feel better. One must always keep the symptoms under control with regular visits to the doctor. There is no cure for asthma disease, though the symptoms can be under control.

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* Mustard Oil

Mustard oil massage helps in clearing the nasal and air passages and is a natural cure for asthma. This massage shows us how to control asthma. Apply warm mustard oil with salt on the chest and upper back. Mustard plasters should not remain on the skin for more than 15 minutes as it can result in a burn.

asthma,home remedies for asthma,Health tips,fitness tips

* Ginger

If you are wondering how to do asthma management at home, then ginger is a natural medicine for asthma with anti-inflammatory properties by opening constricted airways. Boil fresh ginger in water.Cool and strain,adding lemon and honey.

asthma,home remedies for asthma,Health tips,fitness tips

* Garlic

Garlic helps in numerous ways to clear the congestion in the chest that causes asthma and one of the natural remedies for lungs and asthma. It can thus be a part of asthma diet. Boil milk after adding 15 cloves of garlic. Consume for relief from asthma.

asthma,home remedies for asthma,Health tips,fitness tips

* Figs

Fig is one of the effective home remedies for asthma and bronchitis. It is a healing fruit and can be a natural medicine. It provides relief from breathing difficulties.Soak some dried figs in the water overnight.Consume it in the morning along with the water it was soaked in.

asthma,home remedies for asthma,Health tips,fitness tips

* Eucalyptus Oil

Among herbal remedies for asthma, eucalyptus oil is the ideal choice. It is a decongestant, and the allergens, which trigger asthma can be reduced with this oil. Add a few drops on the pillow cover while sleeping.Another beneficial method is to do inhalation with a few drops added to hot water.

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