5 Ways To Treat Food Poisoning At Home

Sandeep Fri, 12 Jan 2018 11:21 AM
5 Ways To Treat Food Poisoning at Home

Most of us have suffered through food poisoning at one time or another. Food poisoning is caused by bacteria, viruses or other toxins in food. Some of the symptoms are nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Food poisoning should not be ignored.

When you are suffering from food poisoning, your body is likely to lose more water than normal. So drink more water to stay hydrated. It will also help flush out the toxins causing your symptoms.

5 Ways To Treat Food Poisoning at Home

* Ginger

- Drink one cup of ginger tea after eating lunch or dinner to stop heartburn, nausea and other symptoms associated with food poisoning. To make ginger tea, boil one teaspoon grated ginger in a cup of water for a few minutes, add a little sugar or honey and your tea is ready.

- Another option is to add a few drops of ginger juice to one teaspoon of honey and swallow it several times a day to reduce inflammation and pain.

- You can also eat raw ginger slices.

5 Ways To Treat Food Poisoning at Home

* Apple Cider Vinegar

- Just mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water and drink it before eating your food.

- Alternatively, you can drink two to three teaspoons of undiluted apple cider vinegar.

5 Ways To Treat Food Poisoning at Home

* Lemon

- Just add a pinch of sugar to one teaspoon of lemon juice and drink it two to three times a day.

- You can also sip on warm water with lemon juice to clean out your system.

5 Ways To Treat Food Poisoning at Home

* Basil

- Drink basil juice extracted from a few basil leaves with one tablespoon of honey several times a day. You can also add some fresh coriander juice to it.

- Put a few drops of basil oil in four cups of drinking water. Drink it slowly throughout the day to kill bacteria causing stomach pain and other problems.

- Add basil leaves, some sea salt, and a pinch black pepper to three tablespoons of plain yogurt. Eat this three to four times a day until your symptoms are gone.

5 Ways To Treat Food Poisoning at Home

* Garlic

- Eat one fresh garlic clove, swallowing it with water. If you can tolerate the smell of garlic, you can also try garlic juice.

- Alternatively, you can make a mixture of garlic oil and soybean oil and rub it on your stomach after eating.