5 Weird Things Your Body Go Through During Winters

By: Pinki Sat, 01 Dec 2018 11:20 AM

5 Weird Things Your Body Go Through During Winters

Winter is here and so are these weird things that start happening to your body. From aching joints to dry skin and dandruff hair days, there are plenty of weird things that start happening to your body in the cold air.

* Teeth Hurt

Your teeth start to hurt in the winters even without eating anything cold. Cold winter air can trigger teeth sensitivity and harm your hairline fractures or other teeth issues. Fillings, crowns, exposed gums or teeth are all affected by the cold air and start to ache when it gets colder. Visit your dentist and find a solution to this.

* Burn More Calories

Surprisingly, you burn more calories in the winters. Working out in the winters can be painfully exhausting but since your body is working overtime to maintain body temperatures, you get a faster metabolism. Really sweating it out while exercising will help make a huge difference to your body since you’ll burn more calories than usual.

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* More Migraines

In winters, you are more prone to migraines. Studies show that there is less sunshine and warmth so that makes you more prone to migraines. Your body needs Vitamin D which when not fulfilled can make your headaches worse. Dehydration can also be another issue to migraines since there you keep shifting from cold to warm when you go outside and come back home.

* Body tightens

Your body starts to tighten up in the winters. In the cold, your muscles start getting stiff and hard to move because of the cold outside. If you try to be active or do a heavy activity without the right preparation, you might just hurt yourself and pull a muscle. It’ll take you longer to heal since slow blood flow happens in your body. Arthritis and other joint problems can get painful and overwhelming in the winters so be prepared with medication and other means to stay healthy and safe.

* Eyes Dry Out

Just like your skin, your eyes tend to dry out in the winters. Your eye surface is always covered with a thin layer of tear film that helps clean out your eyes from dirt and dust. It also helps us see and protects our eyes against infections. Our eyes are extremely sensitive so when there are weather changes in the wind or air, it messes with the layer. Dropping temperatures make your eyes dry out quickly. Prevent that by using sunglasses, eye drops or humidifiers in winters to protect your eyes.

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