Habits You Need To Adopt For Intimate Hygiene

By: Pinki Tue, 25 June 2019 12:45 PM

Habits You Need To Adopt For Intimate Hygiene

Not many Indian women are aware of taking proper precautions in periods while cleaning the vagina at the time of changing the pads or tampons women are often exposed to impure water at workplace or home. This makes unfavorable conditions to vagina thus, leading to irritation and infections. Women with menstrual cycles, who travel to different places, should take extra care as they are exposed to different climatic conditions, sweating and use of scented wipes or just changing pads is not sufficient.

So in order to overcome all the consequences, below mentioned points are to be applied by women who experience menstrual cycle every month.

* Habits to be avoided:

- Use of soap at intimate parts which disturbs pH level.

- Avoid fragranced pads and wipes.

- Don’t use synthetic undergarments.

- Use of sprays should be never used.

- Continuous washing with only water (pH 7) can also disturb ideal pH level.

- Avoid sponges for intimate hygiene as it can scratch the tender genitals skin.

- Never swim or be in the water for a long time during menstruation.

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* Habits to incorporate

- Specially opt for lactic acid formulated wash for intimate use which can maintain ideal 3.5 to 4.5 pH level of Vagina.

- Always use a clean soft towel to wipe your genitals.

- Use pads and wipes which are not scented, as it keeps vagina safe from chemicals.

- Wear clean cotton undergarments.

- Change sanitary pads often at every 3-4 hrs, as prolonged exposure to damp sanitary pads can lead to irritation and infections.

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