Holi 2019- 5 Ways To Avoid Festive Weight Gain

By: Pinki Sat, 16 Mar 2019 10:57 AM

Holi 2019- 5 Ways To Avoid Festive Weight Gain

Do you think Holi is a perfect excuse to binge on unwanted calories? Then you might be undermining the health risks associated with too much sweet and junk food. This Holi, let’s put a leash on our taste buds and enjoy the festivities in a healthier way.

* Don’t overeat

We know how much Gujiya and Papri along with dozen other dishes are devoured during the Holi celebrations. But you must put a leash on your consumption. For example, take one Gujiya instead of four in one go.

* Drink lots of water

Increase your water intake. Eat salads to curb your appetite. Even refreshing drinks like Thandai is secretly loaded with lots of calories. Stay away from alcoholic beverages.

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* Plan your meal

Have your meal in such a manner that you burn all the extra calories during the day. For example, have a special meal in your lunch. Keep your breakfast light. Dinner should be as light and healthy as possible.

* Make time for exercises

Don’t ditch your workout routine for a festival. Keep your body active. This way you will burn the extra calories you’re consuming.

* Try some healthy snacks

Pick roasted snacks like kebab, grilled paneer tikka, Rawa idli and lentil chaat over deep-fried spring rolls, papdi, cutlets, etc.

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