Know What Is Silent Heart Attack, How Dangerous It Is

By: Priyanka Mon, 23 Nov 2020 3:51 PM

Know What is Silent Heart Attack, How Dangerous it is

During Silent heart attack many times we cannot understand that it is a heart attack. Many times it does not even see the symptoms and suddenly the man becomes restless with pain. You will be surprised to know that silent attacks are more dangerous. Therefore it is very important to know all the symptoms of an attack. Many times, we either ignore the chest pain or discomfort or consider it to be the cause of some other problem. This ignorance can prove fatal at times. Therefore, it is important to know the cause of the attack, the symptoms and the means of survival.

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Silent heart attack also gives signals, it is necessary to recognize.

Oxygen goes into every corner of the body through blood, but the heart works to deliver it. But sometimes in the form of cholesterol, it starts accumulating in the arteries of the fat heart that blood circulation stops. This causes the heart to either pump at twice as much speed, or the heart is pressurized so much that it fails. If the position is not normal within a few seconds then the man dies.

Why oxygen does not reach the heart

When the cholesterol in the body starts increasing, then the blood also starts thickening. This prevents blood circulation in the arteries. These blocks begin due to plaque freezing in the arteries. This does not correct blood flow. Although the body is showing signs of increasing cholesterol. When you feel chest pain, restlessness or heartbeat suddenly becomes sudden, then understand that there is some body disturbance. Because these problems directly affect the heart.

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Why is the pain of heart attack cannot be realized?

Many times a person is unable to identify pain due to a problem in the nerves or spinal cord that causes pain to the brain or due to psychological reasons. Apart from this, due to autonomic neuropathy in old age or diabetes patients, pain is also not felt.

5 symptoms of silent heart attack

1. Gastric problem, stomach upset
2. Sluggishness and weakness without reason
3. Fatigue due to little effort
4. Sudden cold sweating
5. Frequent breathlessness

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