Some Immediate Signs If You Need Those Sleeping Pills

By: Pinki Fri, 15 Jan 2021 1:04 PM

Some Immediate Signs if You Need Those Sleeping Pills

Always sleepy? Thinking of using sleeping pills? But not sure if they’re safe enough for you or really meant for you? Sleeping pills are serious business so opt for them only after you have met your doctor and understood your symptoms and have their permission. Here are some immediate signs to look out for if you need those sleeping pills.

# You Slept But Didn’t Sleep

You were in bed by 9 and stayed late in bed till 10 am but still feel sleepy? If the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep per day is not giving you enough rest, you need to go for a checkup. You might be sleeping all the time but don’t feel refreshed or completely awake. Start adopting creative soothing ways to get more fulfilling sleep. Improve your sleep quality with music, massages, exercise, and reading – things that make you drowsy and relax your mind before bed. Even skincare or beauty routines can help you mentally unwind.

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# You’re Still Looking For Naps

You slept last night but still looking for naps? Your body is still begging for more sleep anyway possible. Dozing off during important meetings and other places can affect your personal and work life. Even if you’re at a very boring lecture or a meeting, you really shouldn’t fall asleep or struggling to keep your eyes open then it’s a sign that something’s going on with your sleeping patterns.

# Your Badly Sleep Deprived

If you’re not getting the required hours of sleep every day, your body could be in huge trouble. You could experience symptoms of sleep deprivation, including daytime sleepiness, impaired memory and cognition, depression, and weight fluctuations. Chronic insufficient sleep is also a recognised sleep disorder. Researchers claim that you have to make sleep a priority—even on weekends and holidays. And if you don’t get enough sleep then it tends to pile and stress on your body affecting your health and mind.

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# You Take Too Long To Sleep

You seem to take forever to fall asleep. Just making your brain to relax and wind down takes an eternity before you can actually drift off to sleep. Using music or other ways to try to fall asleep for longer than 30 minutes indicates that you are stressed out and suffering from insomnia. Doctors say it’s okay to take over the counter sleeping pills for once in a while insomnia problems but not for a long term. Studies show that some people might just be hardwired to have sleep issues and no amount of pills will help solve it. Cognitive therapy is the only thing for this behaviour.

# You Start Acting Out Dreams

Your REM sleep patterns are completely out of control with not enough sleep. You’ve probably developed a REM sleep behavior disorder that makes you imitate and act out your dreams and nightmares. And the worst part? You don’t even realise it the next day unless someone tells you about it. Doctors say, People with REM sleep behavior disorder lose their paralysis and can, in fact, act out their dreams, so they punch, they flail their arms, they kick, they scream, they shout.” Sleeping pills have their own case of side effects so make sure you are fully diagnosed before you jump to conclusions.

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